Promotional Tools:

Once you join winestogift as a Affiliate or a Private Branding partner, you are entitled to the following promotion tools:
Banners: We bring you a whole range of creative banners (.jpeg, .gif, flash) that you can choose from. In case you wish to customize the banner, you can send us your requirements and we will do it for you.
We also have Self-updating Banners which are updated periodically by us (based on special occasions, festivals etc.) and get automatically updated on your site.
Weekly Newsletters: We send you weekly newsletters informing you of our upcoming promotions, new additions to product range and other new developments on our side. We also inform you about coupons, deals and discounts beforehand so that you can devise your promotion strategy accordingly.
Text Ads/Links: In case you have space restriction on your site, you can use our text ads or links instead. It is not mandatory for you to use banners.