10 Wines Under $20

Best Wine Gifts

When picking the best gifts for wine lovers, nothing tops a bottle of wine. The best thing about this is that it works for a wide array of recipients. After all, who doesn’t love a tall glass of wine after a long, hard day at work?

No matter what the occasion may be, you can ensure your choice of gift will be well-liked. Wine spells out celebration so we suggest you start ordering your wines for birthdays, anniversaries, and of course, the holiday season.

Wine makes a suitable choice because it comes in a large variety, from red wine to white wine, from expensive ones to super affordable ones. If you don’t have much savings for the upcoming holiday season, prepare to be pleasantly blown away. Now you can get a myriad of wines for just under 20 bucks!

The best part is that you don’t need to compromise on value no matter how cheap the wine. You can get various dimensions of taste within a reasonable budget.

Here are some of our best picks under $20 for 2020.

1.OdderoBarberad’Alba 2014

Priced at just $16.96, the Barberad’Alba boasts of all the distinct flavors that make great wine. It is an amalgamation of the typical fruity flavor from grapes and acidity. It is absolutely delicious and untarnished by oak flavors. This fresh and fruity wine would make a great gift for a close friend.

2.Raúl Pérez BierzoUltreia Saint Jacques Mencía 2016

Priced at $19.99, this affordable yet great wine is from the finest winemakers of Spain. It has exciting depths of fla vor with a lingering taste of spicy fruit. This wine would pair perfectly well with lamb chops and beef, ideal to enjoy with your boys after a BBQ session.

3.La Palazzetta di Flavio Fanti Rosso di Montalcino 2016

Priced at $19.96, this red wine is made for those romantic winter nights to cuddle up with the love of your life. It has bright cherry flavors subdued with a slight hint of acidity. This wine is great to take your palate to the next level, with bold, generous and powerful flavors.

4.Broadside Paso Robles Margarita Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Priced at $19.96, this wine has been consistently well-liked. It heightens the cabernet experience, bringing in the herbal aromas and dark, fruity taste. It is perfectly balanced, without the overpowering oak flavor.

5.Guillaume CluselCoteaux du Lyonnais Traboules 2017

Priced at $18.99, this red wine hails from the hills outside of Lyon. It has simple flavors so it is a popular and safe choice. It is absolutely delicious and would fill the room with an incredible aroma as soon as you pop open the bottle.

6.Happs Margaret River Sémillon 2014

Priced at $16.96, this wine is a huge hit in Australia. This rich yet silky wine is underrated but one drink can prove its worth. It is smooth and pleasant to drink, ideally preferred by light drinkers.

7.Empire Estate Finger Lakes Dry Riesling 2017

Priced at just $17.99, this wine is softer and more aromatic than the German Rieslings. It has more defined floral notes, with a delightful blend of peach and citrus. This is a delicious wine to have with practically any choice of food and dessert.

8.Balletto Teresa's Unoaked Chardonnay 2018

Priced at $18, this wine offers great value for its price. Since it has no oak, you will get the full Russian river taste without the addition of those wooden flavors. It is great on the palate and would pair well with some grilled chicken basted in butter.

9.Mercouri Estate Kallisto 2018

Priced at $16, this affordable wine boasts of an incredible aroma, reminiscent of orange blossom and honey citrus. This wine is made for seafood lovers due to its acidic notes. Try this wine with your next seafood dinner.

10.Casillero Del Diablo Reserva Pinot Noir 2018

Priced at just $10, you can get all the great things about a Pinot Noir in this bottle. It is packed with a fruity taste and the aromatic scent of cherries. This is the perfect wine to enjoy picnics and game nights.

Order your choice of wine from an online liquor store. With the right combination of taste and affordability, you can gift your wine-loving friends these great bottles that will make them appreciate you even more!

Written by: Sarah from Wine Guide