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How To Choose Wines For Different Personalities On New Year?

Wines For Different Personalities On New Year?

New Years is a time when everyone around us celebrates. This is that time of the year when people forget all their worries and rejoice in new beginnings and opportunities. A lot of people also bring gifts for their friends and relatives to further add to the joy of the occasion.

One of the best gifts for New Years is wine. A nice and delish bottle of wine can bring a smile to anyone’s face. However, choosing the right kind of wine for different people is not easy. With so many options available out there, it is easy to get confused. In this article, we will help you understand the different types of wines available out there and how to choose the best one to match the recipient’s personality. Let’s begin.

Choosing Wine for Different Personalities on New Year

Wine is just like people, from a sensual Merlot to a graceful Pinot Noir and a refined Cabernet Sauvignon, every wine has a personality of its own. And this should match the personality of the recipient in order to make for a perfect gift. Wine selection is an art. Thus, it is best to choose a wine that matches someone’s personality.

Moving on, the most prominent difference between the personality of people can be explained via split between introverts and extroverts. While some people are the life of a party, there are some who enjoy a nice and cosy indoor night with their loved ones. In this regard, wine can be classified into two types:

Extrovert Wines

The first and foremost extroverted wine is Champagne. This bubbly bottle of wine is life of every party. although not preferred by everyone, champagne drinkers are usually happy and easy-going people who are always fun. So, if you are looking for wine gifts on New Year for such kind of people, champagne is a great option.

Cabernet Sauvignon is another kind of wine that radiates intelligence and confidence. It is a great gift for people with bold and courageous personalities. Also, red wines like Malbec, Shiraz and Petit Syrah can be gifted to such people. If you are looking for wines with a heavy alcoholic content, you can go in for options like Port, Sherry, Madeira and Rutherglen Muscats.

Introvert Wines

These are for the quiet and calm ones who do not fancy loud dinner parties. For people with such personalities, you can opt for white wines such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling Fume Blanc and more. Some fruity and invigorating varieties like Dry Roses, White Bordeaux, Muscats, Gewurztraminer and Viognier are also good options.

People who like to it in on New Year’s and relax themselves can also be gifted a bottle of Merlot. It is much softer in comparison to others and has a nice smooth and silky texture. Some more red wines have a slightly lighter texture that helps to make the inner introvert become slightly socially aware. These include full-bodied ones such as Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Shiraz and more.

So, these are some easy tips that will help you locate the best wine for the recipient. You can easily find the chosen wine online on many different websites. You can order wines online on new year to spare yourself the hassle of visiting a physical store. However, before ordering online, just pay heed to the delivery time period. Also, make sure to check the price of the bottle at a couple of websites to ensure that you do not spend more than the required amount.

Written by: Sarah from Wine Guide

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