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4 Wine Basket Ideas to Enjoy New Year

Wine Hampers for New Year

Wine is the ultimate classical gift for every occasion. What can be better than to start your year with an amazing and earthy smell of a perfect wine? Wine, when placed in a nicely embellished basket with a lot of other items, gives it a more classical look. If you are a person who likes to put a lot of thought into the gifts you present to others or take time in deciding what to buy, then wine and cheese gift baskets can you just the thing for you. They are fancy and can be on budget. For choosing among the right wine basket ideas you must know the receiver and the situation in your pocket. Filling these baskets can be extremely expensive sometimes. For New Year’s red wine gifts make a perfect choice.

Gifting Basics of Wine Basket Ideas

Well, for a wine basket, first of all, you will need a basket. It can be a metal one or the one made with cane or any other material; you can go as fancy or as economical as you want. Secondly, you will need husk for filling and bottle support. It will give a nice and vintage look to the basket and make a base for the stuff to stay put. Now, get ribbons, mostly red and white ribbons are chosen, but you can use any color that suits you. You can even go with natural flowers or dried plants for the decoration. People also opt to put seasonal scented candles in the basket. It will make it look more antique and classier.

Ideas for a Wine Basket Especially Designed for Women

There is one thing that is forever and ever appreciated by women and makes a perfect combo with anything; chocolates! Putting some handmade or Belgian chocolates along with an oaky and nostalgic wine will be perfect. Put some crystal glasses and maybe some marshmallows as well. Since this basket is being designed for a woman, go extra. Impress her on New Year’s Eve. You can also go with a classic wine gift box.

Wine Basket Ideas for Oenophiles:

Oenophiles are people who love wine and have devotion to wine. Anything related to wine is their hobby. For them everything in this world is somehow related to wine. For the wine lovers you can select a wine gift set. This wine set can have different flavored wines, different glasses, and even a wine chiller. Now if you really want to win the heart of some oenophile get them a basket with a ticket to a taste testing of freshly opened bottle or take a trip to the vineyard with them. You can even buy them membership cards from some wine club to show your love for them and spoil them a bit.

Wine Basket Ideas for a Family Eve

You can have a perfect snack with wine is cheese and crackers. You can make wine and cheese gift baskets to take to a family get together on New Year’s and enjoy with your family. When you are designing a wine basket for a family eve, you will have to think of the children as well. Add things that interest them so that you can keep them away from the wine bottles. This basket is also a great thing for family picnics and New Year eves if you are planning a full-fledged outing. Top it up with red grapes, blue cheese, pineapple slices, etc. to make it fancy.

Christmas is the time of the year when the entire family gets together to celebrate the occasion and what could be better than to celebrate with a perfectly decorated wine basket. No celebration is complete without wine, and similarly, Christmas is also incomplete without it.