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DIY Wine Hamper Guide For A Vacation

DIY wine hamper guide for a vacation

Is your best friend going on a vacation with her special someone and you want to surprise them both with a vacation hamper that they both can enjoy while they are on their break? Or are you going on a long-deserved vacation with the love of your life and want to take along a vacation hamper that will help both of you toast your special relationship? If yes, we suggest you make a DIY wine hamper. No, no! It is not rocket science and in fact is as easy as ABC. Still not convinced? Well read on and know how you can create your own wine hamper that can be enjoyed by you and your love done or even by your friend.

  • Wine hampers are the best vacation hampers if it is a romantic vacation. The thought of you two sipping sparkling wine and staring at the horizon beats nothing on a vacation. You can choose from red wine, white wine or sparkling wine or pack all three in the gift hamper. After all, the more the merrier!

  • We suggest that you also pack other things with your wine. The first would be cheese. The pairing of cheese with wine is heavenly and only those who have tried it once will understand how well the two of them complement each other. Know that your loved one likes to drink red wine such as Cabernet Sauvignon? If yes, then pack some extra sharp cheddar cheese to pair with this dry, red wine. This wine also works well with other firm and salty intense cheeses. Or if both of you have a preference for white wine, then pair Sauvignon Blanc or Monterey Jack with subtle cheeses such as French Goat Cheese. And if you have decided to stick to champagne to celebrate your relationship, then pack any mild or spicy cheese.

  • You could also pack chocolates along with wine. Do not listen to naysayers who say that chocolates and wines can’t be paired. Just select the right chocolate to go with the right wine and see your special someone enjoy this gift hamper like never before. You can pack a box of assorted dark chocolates if you have packed a bottle or two of red wine such as PX Sherry, Port, etc. For sparkling wines, the best combination would be milk chocolate and for white wine, white chocolates would be the best.

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