Gift Ideas For Personalized Wine Glasses

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Looking for a special gift for your loved ones? Adding a personal touch to the gift that you wish to buy could be a great idea. And more so when the gift is something that the recipient will cherish and has a genuine utilitarian value. Hence, it is not that difficult to understand why personalized wine glasses have become an ideal gift for many people.

Personalized wine glasses could also be used for special occasions. For example, there are certain events and anniversaries that you wish to celebrate only with your close friends and family members. To make such events extra special, you can try your hands at engraving wine glasses. Engraving wine glasses for a personalized look simply requires glass etching cream, stencil and a paintbrush. But if you are not too confident about this task, then can get the glasses customized by a local engraver.

So, whether you wish to gift personalized wine glasses to your loved ones, or you want to use them for special occasions, here are some cool ideas to check out:

Special Occasions:

How about celebrating Christmas with a special wine served in an impressive glass engraved with a unique Christmas message? The idea sounds cool enough, and can add special warmth to your Christmas memories. You can also keep these glasses intact for future Christmas celebrations. So, given the festive mood surrounding the occasion, you can surely find this cool idea worth a try!

Commemorative Messages:

Birthdays and anniversaries are always special if the bonds are strong and deep. If you are a boyfriend or a husband, and wish to keep things both sentimental and well within your budget, then wine glasses with commemorative messages might work wonders. All you need is the right pair of glasses, and etch out a love-fuelled message that your partner can easily associate with. Complete it all with a selection of classic wines to make your memories special.

Monogrammed Wine Glasses:

If you wish to gift a newlywed couple a pair of glasses, then monogrammed wine glasses are a great way to add a bit of personal twist to the wedding gift. Unlike simple quotes and pictures, these styles and designs look classier and give a more dignified feel to mark the solemn occasion. As for the design of the monogram, you can go for a decent template, and add the initial letters of their names at the centre, instead of writing complete names.

Funny Quotes:

If you are in the habit of drinking regularly with your close friends or family, and find it difficult to gift them a perfect present, then you can surely exercise your funny side and gift wine glasses engraved with funny quotes. No doubt, the quotes must be humorous/funny and something that your friends may easily associate with. A book or movie quote, an epigram or a funny moment from your past experiences could be engraved too.

His and Her Wine Glasses:

As with pillows and other personalized goods, his and her wine glasses have become quite popular as gifts these days. Apart from personal use, you can also gift these glasses to your couple friends or relatives to show your admiration for their love. You can choose to be innovative with your ideas in terms of colour or design.

Wine glasses engraved with special themes, monograms, or commemorative messages can help cement your relationships. There are, however, a few things that you should keep in mind while executing any of these cool ideas. Make sure that the messages and quotes are engraved with a hint of subtlety. Furthermore, do keep the recipient’s personality and the occasion in mind, before you decide what to engrave on the glasses.

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