6 Easy to Get Wine Gifts for Father’s Day

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Wine Chocolate

There are some clichés that we absolutely love, and wine chocolate is one of them. If you’re planning to spend a fun day in with your dad, this is the best present for him. The wine chocolate will get you both good and drunk, so you can spend quality time together, which has become a rarity amidst our busy schedules.

We suggest you take this wine gift up a notch. Get him a full package! Now, you can give him wine gift hampers with wine chocolate and designer wine glasses that will make an excellent addition to his collection.

Wine Tote

If your dad is a frequent traveler, this would be a handy gift for him. Invest in a cool wine leather tote that can hold up to two bottles of wine. The good news is, there are several different colors available in wine totes, so you can choose one that complements his personality-black for the subdued dad and orange for the quirky one!

Now, if you’re getting him a wine tote, it’s only fair that you add a bottle of wine to go with. Pick his favorite bottle of wine that he can enjoy over an earnest to goodness meal on this special day.

Wine and Cheese Gift Basket

We all love the classic old pairing of wine and cheese, and we bet your dad does too! As a great last-minute gift for father’s day, you can get him this scrumptious combo that he will enjoy more than those well-planned out gifts even!

Of course, for this gift to be special, make sure you’re choosing a good quality hamper that has some of your favorite wines paired with melt in your mouth cheese. If you’re spending Father’s Day with him, you get to enjoy it too, so a win-win situation for you!

Wine Stopper

If your dad’s choice of drink is wine, and if you’re looking for last-minute Father’s day gifts that he’ll actually enjoy, there could be nothing more useful than a wine stopper. This would make your mom’s life simpler too and eliminate wine drips on her precious coffee table!

There are many cool varieties available in the market, so get to it right away. We suggest you also throw in his favorite wine to go with this handy gift. Wine always calls for celebration, and this is an occasion and a half to do just that!

Wine Gourmet Gift Hamper

Not sure which wine gift to pick and which leave out for a true wine lover? How about getting him a wine gourmet gift hamper that contains all the goodies that he would possibly need to enjoy a tasty drink? There are so many options available in the market that you can easily book a last-minute delivery.

We particularly love the best of California wine gift basket that contains all the amazing goodies from the region. From delicious wines to crackers, it has everything your dad will need-and be grateful to you! So do away with boring presents and get him something of real use.

Classic Bottle of Wine

When it comes to keeping it simple yet classy, you can’t do better than a classic bottle of wine wrapped in a stunning bow. Of course, your choice will depend on what your dad likes. Since there are so many options of wine, you’ll easily find one to fit his taste and your budget!

With this, take him out to lunch or dinner so you both can spend some quality time together. We are all for this gift because it would be a good last-minute fix in case you forgot about Father’s Day!

Wine Gifts for Him

Forgot all about Father’s Day? Looking for a last-minute delivery? Now, you can find great win gifts to send to your dad on this special day. From wine gift baskets to bottles of wine, you’ll find everything you need here.

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