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Tips To Choose A White Wine For Your Brother's Promotion Party

Tips To Choose A White Wine For Your Brother's Promotion Party

Are you planning a grand treat for your brother’s promotion party? Well, it certainly doesn’t complete without a raising toast to his achievement with fine quality white wines. Choosing the right white wine which is ideal in its dryness, smooth flavour and refines your palate can be an exciting yet difficult task. Several wine gift baskets are available in gift stores and online to be picked up but you need to have a fair idea about the best white wines before selecting the right gift hamper for your brother. Here we give you some tips to ease your job.

Distinguish between popular brands

The white wines of the famous brands are typically of sweet taste. If you select Chardonnay, you can choose from the flavours like citrus, green apple, pineapple, papaya among other such fruits. This is a smooth-tasting wine and is usually loved by one and all. On the other hand, Pino Grigio is a slightly lighter and dry compared to Chardonnay. Riesling, again, is much like Chardonnay with rich fruity flavours, while Moscato can be your pick if your brother has a sweet tooth for it the arguably the sweetest wine among the white wine family. Sauvignon Blanc is very acidic and less sweet. So, among these renowned brands, you should buy the one the flavours of which match with your brother’s taste palate.

Keep a full-bodied bottle 

Well, a party where you are offering white wines cannot complete without sides and finger food. Serving the right kind of food with wines is essential. If you are arranging for herb-roasted chicken or turkey or duck, then full-bodied white wines are a must to keep in your refrigerator.  White wines like Chardonnay or Chenin Blanc match best with these roasted or grilled meat items. When we are talking about “full body”, it refers to the viscosity and “weight” of the sweet white wine. If you swirl it in your glass, a full-bodied wine will feel a bit thick with some sediments, while lighter wines will behave just like water. These facts need to be studied while choosing the best white wine for your brother’s promotion party.

Know the right pairings   

This is one of the most important parts of choosing a white wine. If you have spicy food in the party food menu, then focus on the white wines with less alcohol content and sweeter drinks. Riesling is a great pair for spicy food, while Vino Verde and Chablis go perfect with grilled fish. If you are keeping a lot of cheese and veggies and crackers on the food table, then Sancerre, Pouilly Fume are best choices. Keep enough cheeses, including soft brie, camembert, Gouda, blue and other creamy cheeses on your offer so that guests can have both vegan and non-vegetarian options available.

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