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How To Pair Wine With Chocolates For An Anniversary Dinner?

Wine With Chocolates For An Anniversary Dinner

Chocolate and wine make for the ultimate romantic pairing, especially on an occasion as special as your anniversary. Whether it is a marriage anniversary or the anniversary of your first date, this food and drink combination is sure to impress your partner to no end. A perfect gift for your anniversary would be a well-put-together wine and chocolate gift set. Any anniversary can be made more special by indulging in the sweetest combo of wine and chocolates.

An important thing to keep in mind before embarking on this wine and chocolate tasting journey is that this works the best with bean to bar chocolates, rather than store-bought mass produced chocolates. Chocolate truffles, organic chocolates, and handmade chocolates have more bitter notes and therefore, are easier to pair with different wines.

Milk Chocolate

With milk chocolate, the trick is to find something that complements its sweetness and creaminess. Milk chocolate is the most common chocolate found in the market since it appeals to the public due to its sweeter taste. Pairing milk chocolate means finding a wine that complements its sweetness. Suggested wine pairings include Syrah or even Pinot Noir. If you are planning to have this particular combination for dessert, you can also look for a good Muscat, which is essentially a dessert wine. Another popular dessert wine is port, but make sure it is a tawny port to get the full flavor profile of this particular blended and aged wine.

White Chocolate

White chocolate is usually a mainstay in wine and chocolate gift baskets. White chocolate is creamy and hence, the best wines to pair with it are those that have fruity and citrusy notes to them. Therefore, we would recommend pairing a good rosé with your white chocolate. This is a light, tasty wine with a little fizz, which is what makes it different from other wines. It is not a blend, which is a common misconception about this wine. This combination works well before a meal as well.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is one of those things that you must develop a taste for. And once you do, there is no going back from the dark side. Since it has a high amount of cocoa, the taste is slightly bitter. It becomes important to pick a wine that complements this bitterness and doesn’t make it the main taste. A strong red wine is perfect for dark chocolate. A good Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon and or even Merlot present great wine options.

Chocolates with nuts and berries

We rarely ever eat a plain chocolate bar these days because there are so many add ons. Nuts, berries, caramel, and so many more ingredients are added to a chocolate bar to make it taste perfect. So it is fitting that we find a wine that pairs well with a chocolate that has nuts and berries. The challenge with this pairing is the sweet and fruity notes of nuts and berries. Rose´ can be a great combination with these chocolates. For chocolates with a caramel filling, you might want to pair them with a good sherry or a port wine.

Wine and chocolate gift baskets during this special time are the perfect gift for your better half. A surprise wine and chocolate delivery is even better and what’s best is that you can arrange a special wine and chocolate tasting or a wine and cheese tasting to celebrate this epical occasion.

Written by: Sarah from Wine Guide

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