Wine and Chocolate Can Never Go Wrong. Here’s Why

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There is a beautiful sense of comfort that one finds only in wine. Wines are more tranquil and nuanced compared to the other beverages. And that’s why wines are always considered a more sophisticated drink. Drinking wine can never be labeled just as drinking, moreover it’s an experience. Drinking wine has its own beautiful feeling. It's about the experience as a whole that completes this feeling. 

From choosing that perfect bottle, to carefully storing and serving it the right way in the right glasses, to slowly having it. It’s a very pure experience of bliss. And often, without the correct food pairing, this experience shall remain incomplete.

Food pairing is a very important part of having wine. Any wine lover would agree to that. It’s highly advised that one understands what kind of food goes and what kind of food does not go with a particular wine. 

Drinking wine with apt food pairs shall only lead to a mesmerizing time. The correct food pairings always better the taste of the wine and heightens the flavors of the wine. So for the enjoyment of drinking wine, one must find the correct food pairings. It enhances the blissful experience of having wine.

The apt food pairs of wine bring a whole balance to drinking wine. The most famous and most common food paired with wine is cheese, chocolate and meat. Chocolate is loved by everyone, the love for chocolates knows no barriers of age. Chocolate makes people happy and sometimes even excited. They are a delicious treat to have. And having chocolates with wine is yet another compelling experience to try on. 

Chocolate always adds to the flavor of the wine. They can easily balance flavors and taste the palette of the wine. They are also enjoyed by many wine lovers, so they make a perfect wine food pair. Pairing wine with chocolate can never go wrong, here is why!

Cocoa Beans and the fruity flavor:

Chocolates are made from cocoa beans. And these cocoa beans are really fruity. This means that chocolates can be perfect for fruity wines. Fruity wines are those wines with more fruit flavor and less leather or wooden flavors. Having some super delicious chocolate as a side dish only enhances the taste of the wine. It can also bring a beautiful balance to the flavor palette of the wine.

Dark chocolates go hand in hand with intense wines:

If you are a fan of dark chocolate, you don't have to think wine isn't for you. In fact dark chocolates are one of the greatest food pairing with Port Wines. Wines that are oaked and have more of a dry or wooden flavor go hand in hand with dark chocolate. The bitterness of the dark chocolate compliments the leathery flavor of the wine.

Chocolate and Wine, more like Fermentation Twins:

It’s not a mystery that chocolate goes well with wines. It's one of the most preferred food pairings with wine. And one of the main reasons behind this is that both have a very nuanced taste palette and this is because of fermentations. Yes, you read it right. Both the cocoa beans and the grapes which are used to make chocolate and wines respectively go through fermentation. Yes, so that’s right wine and chocolate are not just amazing pairs to have a wonderful dinner with, they are also fermentation twins!

They compliment each other well:

It’s always said that opposite attracts each other or opposite work better, but wine and chocolate are not that opposite. Sure they differ in their primary defining factors but both are highly exquisite. Chocolate and wine are both sophisticated and delicate in their own ways. They both are made with the same amount of dedication and passion. They both are highly intense delicacies to have. So one could naturally have doubts about pairing them. But all the intensity with which they are made is what makes them a great pair. It’s the complexities that wines and chocolate carry that pull each other closer. So definitely the very delicious sweetness of the chocolate elegantly pairs with the delicate taste of wine.

Wines and chocolates: a healthy choice:

Do you also find it hard to believe? Yes, it might be a bit difficult to grasp, but wine and chocolates are indeed a very healthy pair of food. Red wine and Dark chocolate can even be considered a friend of our heart. Various researches have proven that controlled and moderate consumption of Red Wine and Dark chocolate can lead to a longer lifetime and a much healthier heart. But it’s also important to keep in note that having too much can affect the heart negatively as the saying goes “Too much of anything is bad ''. 

Wine and chocolate are one of the best pairs you can serve for your next dinner. They are sure to conquer the table, so what are you waiting for?