Top Wine Accessories To Gift Your Friend On Christmas

Top Wine Accessories To Gift Your Friend On Christmas

The festive season means a lot of wining and dining. It also means lots of parties and dinners. That is why this is the season for gifting. For the wine aficionados in your group, you need to find the perfect wine accessory so that their wine drinking sessions become even more memorable. We have compiled the perfect list of wine accessory gifts for your wine-loving friends.

Wine charms

Wine charms are a more recent invention. These are useful for families or groups of friends that drink together. Charms have a little metal ring with a charm attached to it. The ring can be easily attached to the stem of the wine glass, marking everyone’s glasses their very own.

Wine stopper

For the longer wine-drinking sessions, a wine stopper is an absolute must. If you are looking for festive gift, wine stoppers with Christmas related decoration can be an amazing idea. However, you can find a ton of different wine stoppers in the shop.

Wine opener

One of the best wine accessories to invest in is a good, sturdy wine opener. A flimsy wine opener might break the cork and leave cork residue in the wine bottle. It might also break and then you have no way of opening the bottle! A good wine opener is a perfect gift for your friend who is a wine enthusiast.

Bathroom wine holder

For the serious wine drinkers, this quirky gift might be just what they need during the festive season. This wine holder uses a vacuum to attach itself to surfaces. More importantly, it can attach to your friend’s bathroom wall! This shower wine holder is portable as well.

Wine accessory kit

Another great wine gifting idea is a wine accessories gift set.This gift comes with a full set of wine accessories, including a stopper, opener, corkscrew, and a lot more. You can also get a wine accessory kit that is shaped like a wine bottle, now how cool is that?

Wine ice

Most wine snobs will scoff if you put a piece or two of ice in your wine because it dilutes the taste of wine. For those friends, wine pearls or wine ice is a great gift. These can be chilled in the fridge and added to wine to chill the wine, without actually diluting the taste.

Wine decanter

Decanters come in all shapes and sizes, so it's up to you to choose a nice design. You can go for an artsy shape, or you can opt for something more classic. Regardless of what you choose, make sure you take a wine bottle along with the decanter to fill it up. A good decanter should most definitely have a stopper.

Wine chilling stick

If you don’t want to use the wine pearls and want to chill the entire bottle, the wine chilling stick is a good option. It also works as an aerator and wine pourer. All you have to do is refrigerate the stick beforehand and voila, it will work wonders when you open a room-temperature wine and want it chilled.

There are loads of options to select from when looking for a wine accessory that you can pair with your wines, but choosing the right accessory takes skill. If you have a flexible pocket, you might want to opt for two or more of these wonderful wine accessories. For the wine connoisseur, no number of accessories will be enough for their collection. It’s time to get those glasses cheering and enjoying the merry festive season.

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