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  • Top White Wine And Cheese Pairings You Can Gift Your Clients

Top White Wine And Cheese Pairings You Can Gift Your Clients

Top White Wine And Cheese Pairings You Can Gift Your Clients

Did you know that the combination of wine and cheese goes back a hundred of years? Sommeliers as well as diners across the world have been pairing this combination without any regrets since the last many years, especially in regions that have a surplus of wine and cheese. There has even been research on this popular combination and scientists too have agreed that the combination of astringent food such as wine with creamier food such as cheese imparts a feel-good combination. Since this pairing is so popular, it is often gifted among friends and families. If you are someone who is thinking of gifting something to your clients, why not gift this world-popular combination? And if you are confused about which cheese to pair with which wine, then read this blog and make the correct choice when gifting this combination to a client.

  • Most wine connoisseurs would say that intensely flavored cheeses go well with wines that have 14.5% ABV while for wines that have less than 12% ABV, the best combination would be delicate flavored cheese. Keeping this rule in mind, you could pair soft flavored cheese such as Philadelphia, Brie or Camembert with wines such as Pinot Noir or Beaujolias. They also go very well with sparkling wines, champagnes, Cremant, etc as these wines have high acidity and carbonation that give a palate cleansing effect to such soft and creamy flavored cheese.
  • Another tip that sommeliers follow when selecting the best wine and cheese pairing is to combine wine and cheese from the same place together. The iconic combination of Goat cheese with Sauvignon Blanc, both of which have their origin from the Loire Valley, or the combination of Manchego and Garnacha, both of which originated from Spain, are quite popular and thus a good choice.
  • If you have decided on gifting a red wine, then we recommend pairing it with an aged cheese. Cheese like Provolone, Asiago and Parmiggiano-Reggiano go best with Aglianco, Dolcetto, Montepulciano, etc while cheese such as Pecorino and Grana Padano go with wines such as Chianti, and Sangiovese.

Like the above ideas for corporate gifts but do not have the time or resources to go to a physical store to buy wine and cheese, get them packed and then shipped to your clients? If yes, then we have a solution that will make your work easier and help you send your best wishes along with your gift to your client. Why not take the help of an online gift delivery website? These leading websites have a huge range of gift options and will even customize their gifts on your request. If you are looking for a specific wine and cheese combination, then just let them know your preference and they will deliver it according to your instructions.

You can place an order for cheese and wine basket delivery at your specified place and at your specified day and time. The websites have a gift for all budgets, so you need not stretch your budget when ordering from there. Simply browse through their list of products and select the ones you want to gift. You will be glad to know that they ship only the finest quality of wine and cheese, so no issues on quality when ordering from here. Most leading websites accept multiple modes of payment and ensure that they follow every instruction of the client. What are you waiting for then? Place your order for this excellent combination now.

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