All You Need To Know About Serving Brandy

Know About Serving Brandy

Brandy is indeed a very unique and special type of alcohol that you must include in the winter parties in particular. It is among the few types of liquor that get you in the right mood without intoxicating you much. However, before you prepare to buy brandy online, you must know about some important things about this alcohol. Choosing it right and then serving it in the desired way will only enable you to enjoy this drink to the fullest. So, let’s start with a detailed discussion.

Ways of Drinking Brandy

Unlike many other types of alcohol such as whiskey, rum, vodka and so on, brandy can be consumed as a neat shot without any ice or other accompaniment. For those who are simply in love with the taste and flavour of brandy, you can just pour it into a snifter, keep it at room temperature and serve it as a straight shot. Such a shot is just opposite to the on the rocks way of consuming alcohol. Brandy shots are known to be highly effective in keeping you warm in cold weather and also treating problems like a sore throat.

Now, obviously if you want to savour brandy in the way you enjoy most other alcohols, then you should make it a part of cocktail. When used in cocktails, brandies should ideally be mixed with other liquors, cream or fruit juices or all of them in the right proportion. Brandy Alexander and brandy sidecar are popular brandy-based cocktails that those, who have never tasted brandy before, will also fall in love with. If you are preparing them at home, make sure that you shake the drink vigorously with enough ice cubes and garnish them with something aromatic for the desired flavour.

Serving Brandy in the Right Way

While you can indulge in brandy online shopping and get hold of some good ones, serving the same in the right way is something you have to learn and do it yourself. It should begin by choosing the right glasses. If you are about to drink a neat brandy shot, then you must have the wide-bowled, curvy snifters with short stems that are typically designed for the purpose. The snifters have a tapered mouth that allows the drinker to capture the aroma and the depth of the liquor. The wide bowl further makes it easy for you to keep warming the liquor with your hands. Normally, not more than two ounces of brandy are served in the neat form although the snifters are available in a variety of sizes.

When you drink brandy with only ice or on the rocks, make sure pouring the brandy gently straight into the centre of the old-fashioned glasses or straight-sided highball. For brandy cocktails, you must serve them in the taller-stemmed tulip glasses with wider lips as a must. You can order for these glasses when you place your online brandy order itself.

Last but not the least, you should understand the difference between brandy and cognac with the latter being a type of brandy made from just three types of grapes. All this information will help you choose the best brandy online just as your knowledge about serving them the right way will delight your guests and let them enjoy the drink in the true sense.

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