Smart Tips For Choosing Vodka For Gifting

Choosing Vodka For Gifting

Are you planning to gift a bottle of vodka to your friend or relative this Christmas? Or even better are you considering gifting them an entire vodka gift set? Well, it can really be a difficult task given the large number of brands offering vodkas with endless flavours and price range. But, if we categorise the vodkas into some easy groups, you will know which one to gift to your relative, friend or a special someone during a fun cocktail party, birthday or any other special events.

Set your budget

Deciding on the budget is the best thing you can do to narrow down your choice of gift. The person, the bond you share with him or her, the occasion you are about to attend are some of the factors that you should consider before setting your budget. Grey Goose, Ciroc, Belvedere are some of the classy and expensive vodkas that are really subtle in their flavours and aromas and cost around $300 to $350 onwards. If the party consists just of the very close people, you can gift one of these bottles. On the other hand, if you are supposed to gift it in a large gathering, Svedka or Smrinoff can be purchased at $15 a bottle. Now a day with the help of Vodka online delivery sending this ideal gift to your loved ones has become easier.

Remember that if the person you are gifting the bottle of vodka to loves to experiment with different types of cocktails, then cheaper vodkas make a great foundation for those delightful mixes.

Consider the flavour of the vodka

If you know the person to whom you are gifting the vodka well, then it is easy for you to select the right bottle. Cheaper vodkas like Absolut, Smrinoff among others have a wide range of flavours such as chocolate, passion fruit, green apple, mango, marshmallow, whipped cream among others. Even, these days you can find bacon flavoured vodkas as well. The expensive vodka brand primarily focus on the core taste of the drink. Also, you can go for customization if the person you are gifting to is a close buddy of yours. Bakon’s bacon-flavoured vodka is ideal to be mixed with Bloody Marys, while fruit flavoured vodkas are great companions of any fruit punch cocktails.

Take note of the alcohol content 

This is again is associated with what the person you are giving the gift likes to have. Around 80 to 100 proof selections are offered by the stronger vodka brands. These drinks have around 40 to 50 per cent alcohol content. Vodkas with higher alcohol content will have stronger taste; therefore, you cannot mix them with any drink. Vodkas that have less alcohol content are generally more expensive and are less pungent in taste. They can be served with any other drink.

Know about the ingredients

The essential ingredients, number of times it’s distilled, date and place of manufacturing, alcohol content and other such details are provided on the bottle of the product. Before choosing your gift for your friend or relative, take a look at the label and try to gather knowledge whether the features of a particular bottle will suit the choice of the person you are gifting to. The expensive vodkas are distilled for up to four times for their enhanced flavour and intensity. The cheaper priced vodkas are usually made of potato and wheat. If you go for the cheaper ones, you may have to sacrifice on the number of distillation and quality segments.

Focus on the preparation

Vodkas can be served in varied manners. Some like it fast shaken with ice, while others prefer to take a sip from a well-stirred drink with a small piece of fruit. So before gifting, know how your special person likes to have it. This will help you zero in on the right bottle.

Written by: Sarah from Wine Guide

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