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Best Vodka Flavours You Can Gift This Holiday Season

Best Vodka Flavours You Can Gift This Holiday Season

When holiday time rolls around, it becomes important to find a gift that fits the occasion. Holiday liquor gift sets present the perfect gift idea. During the holiday season, everyone wants to enjoy and relax, so it comes as no surprise that such a gift set can be quite popular as a gifting idea. Within the holiday liquor options, the flavored vodka market is one that deserves your attention. If you are wondering what holiday flavors you can gift when it comes to flavored vodka, here is a list of some very popular flavors for you.

Peppermint Vodka

The taste of the holidays is peppermint, so it is fitting that peppermint vodka is number one on our list. The combination of a beautiful minty flavor with the sweetness is the perfect flavor addition to vodka. Peppermint vodka can be had as is or can even be added to a holiday cocktail to bring out the peppermint flavor.

Ginger Vodka

Gingerbread is quite popular during the holiday season. Although unusual, ginger flavored vodka can be quite a hit this holiday season. The distinct taste of ginger, when added to vodka, can add a kick to all your holiday drinks. Ginger infused vodka is a great gift to take to a holiday party as well.

Cranberry vodka

Another distinct holiday flavor is cranberry. Cranberry infused vodka can be a real asset to add to your festive celebration. Cranberry vodka is commonly available in the market. You might be able to find this flavor closer to the festive season than at other times during the year.

Lemon Vodka

Lemon vodka or even lime vodka is a popular flavor throughout the year, so why can’t it be a favorite during the festive season too? This flavored vodka can be a great addition to all kinds of cocktails. If you are planning to host a party or go to a holiday party, this infused vodka can be a great gift.

Pomegranate Infused Vodka

Pomegranate infused vodka can be made at home or can be bought at the store. This particular flavor pairing might seem weird to some people, but can actually be tasty if done correctly or if you purchase the right brand. This unusual flavor is perfect for a round of shots for everyone at the party.

Coconut Vodka

The tropical flavor is usually popular when it comes to rum, but has become quite a popular flavor in vodka as well. Coconut vodka would be a great addition to any fruit juice that is being served at a holiday party. Coconut flavored vodka has a very distinct flavor, so make sure that is it something that will be enjoyed by the person you are gifting it to.

Botanical Vodka

A recent addition to the flavored and infused vodka market, the botanical vodka is actually infused with a host of different botanicals that lend an organic taste to the vodka, without any artificial flavor or sweeteners. This can be a really great choice for someone who likes all things organic.

There are plenty of holiday liquor gift setsin the market during this festive season. However, it is important to find a liquor gift that the other person will love and appreciate. With flavored vodka, one cannot really go wrong, so your perfect gift is ready. All you have to do is head to the store and purchase it. While there, maybe you can buy a few smaller flavored vodka bottles for yourself, just to taste!

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