Top Red Wine Types You Should Know About

Top Red Wine Types You Should Know About

Wine is a widely admired drink. But if you are a newbie, the wide-ranging world of wine is more likely to leave you perplexed. Because there are so many different varieties of red wines available in the market, how do you choose the best one? Do you ask your local wine shop vendor or go about scanning the labels, trying to find the most suitable one?

Well, in such a case, having a little knowledge about the various types of red wines can prove to be beneficial. In this article, we will uncover the top red wines that you must know about. This information will also help you in locating the best wine gifts online. So, let’s begin.

  1. Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine is made from Cab, which is the most planted variety of grapes worldwide. This type of wine is what most casual drinkers are used to drinking. You can easily find this on all the menus. So, if you are a serious wine lover, you must definitely go for this variety as it is the IPA of wine.

Best food to pair it up with: Cab is extremely dry and needs fats to latch onto. So, if your food is non-fatty or non-salty, you will feel the dryness coat your tongue. It is best to order slightly greasy or fatty food to go with your cabernet.

  1. Merlot

Merlot is a great option for those who like a little ripeness in their wine. It has a much softer and smoother texture in comparison to Cabernet Sauvignon. It is a fine wine that may be bottled solo or blended with some other variety.

Best food to pair it up with: Merlot is best paired with meat and cheese. Alternatively, veal and pork also go very well with this variety.

  1. Zinfandel

This variety of wine is mostly found in the regions of the United States. It is one of those wines that contains the highest content of alcohol that is almost 15%. This heavy alcohol content causes the wine to feel more intense. Most of the Zinfandels have a slightly distinctive fruity flavour.

Best food to pair it up with: The unique flavour of this wine makes it the perfect counterpart to cheese lasagne, pasta, pizza or other foods with cheese and tart sauces. However, because it is typically American, you can also pair it up with grilled cheese.

  1. Pinot noir

Pinot noir is a great example of light to medium-bodied wines. made from the classic grape, this wine is available in a plethora of flavours such as red and black cherry, fresh earth, strawberry, violets and spice. The wine has an acidic texture. When you taste this wine for the first time, you will experience a wrinkling sensation in your mouth, as if you are drinking a fizzy drink.

Best food to pair it up with: Usually people do not combine wine with fish, however, this one goes especially well with some barbeque-glazed salmon.

  1. Syrah/ Shiraz

This is another full-bodied wine that is available in dark flavours such as chocolate, plum, raspberry and tobacco. It has a unique velvety texture that never fails to hit the spot.

Best food to pair it up with:This wine is best paired with spicy food items. It contains a high fruit content that goes very well with Indian or Thai food.

These are some of the most popular varieties of red wine that you must know about to be a true wine connoisseur.

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