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Easy Tips To Prepare A Wine And Cheese Board For Your Next Party

Easy Tips To Prepare A Wine And Cheese Board For Your Next Party

House parties are full of fun and enjoyment. Inviting your friends, family members and special ones to your home and spending excellent time with them is a must part of any celebration. So, with Christmas knocking right at your door, it is time to start planning for such parties. Now, wine is an important part of all celebrations and the best accompaniment for this particular type of alcohol is definitely, cheese. That being said, putting up a wine and cheese board for your next party is a great idea especially with the wine and cheese basket delivery options available these days. However, preparing a perfect cheese board requires you to go step by step and also consider a few tips and tactics of the process, as discussed in details here.

Choose Your Cheese Board Well

Instead of jumping on to which foods and cheese to include in the board, you should first decide on the board you are going to use. If it is a big party that you are hosting, then a slate board or a wooden cutting board of about 12” X 24” dimension would be suitable. A lightweight and easy to clean board should be preferred as it is hassle-free to move around among your guests.

Add a Wide Assortment of Cheese for Different Kinds of Wines

When the main appetizer served in your party is wine and cheese, then it is obvious that you are going to stock up all the different types of wines out there. To accompany each of them properly, your cheese board should contain a wide assortment of cheese that vary based on their milk sources, textures, flavours, colours and also shapes. As a thumb rule, always display the cheese in a clockwise direction, from the soft cheeses to the firm cheeses and end with the blue cheese. The flavours can range between mild and a bit stinky. The different shapes like round, triangular, rectangular etc. further add character to the entire board. With most birthday wine gift baskets, you find a lot of cheese too.

Include a Few Types of Salty Foods

Salty foods are a must in every cheese board. As a basic rule, add three types of salty foods and you will be sorted. These are charcuterie, olives and nuts. The first one would cover items like salami or terrine, the second ones are added for flavour and the third ones pave the way for the crunch factor. There is one thing that you must remember and that is, you should not overcrowd your cheese board just for the sake of putting up as many items you are capable of laying your hands on.

Conclude with Sweet Foods, Breads and Condiments

Once you are done adding the different types of cheese and the salty foods, add a bit of sweet foods along with some breads and condiments as well. Again, avoid overdoing anything and go for the best combinations that you can think of. These will ensure that your cheese board has every flavour to let the wine lovers savour them to the fullest.

So, the next time you order for the Christmas wine gift baskets, make sure you are ordering enough of these items as well to be able to prepare a mouth-watering and visually appealing cheese board for your guests.

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