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Helpful Tips For Hosting A Wine And Cheese Party For Your Employees

Helpful Tips For Hosting A Wine And Cheese Party For Your Employees

Wine and cheese parties are an ageless occasion that can be arranged anytime anywhere and with any companions. The event has the potential to create a solid personal and long-term relationship with your friends and colleagues. If you are trying to organise a wine and cheese party for your employees, follow these tips to make your event a successful and memorable one.

So, before you grab a piece of brie and pop your favourite wine glasses, here are some tricks to host a perfect wine and cheese party for your employees.

Decide on your must-haves and arrange them early:

First things first! Get your cheese collections ready. A wine and cheese party is a meeting and exchange of ideas of a bunch of people of varied backgrounds. So, go for different types of cheeses like mozzarella, parmesan, hard cheese, cheese creams, cottage cheese, gluten-free or vegan cheeses. Give equal emphasis to the pairing items such as grapes, olives, crackers, nuts, breads, berries, pitas, hummus or other snack items.

Know the pairings well:

Besides keeping all the ingredients ready, you should arrange items like cheese knives, bread knives, bread baskets, wine glasses and tasting plates among other such things. Keep some of the popular pairings ready such as Merlot and Brie, Gouda and Cabernet, Ricotta and Riesling, Malbec and aged cheddar, feta and dry rose, pinot gris and creamy farm cheese. Though everyone has their own choices, these pairings cover different levels of acidity, tannin, fat and texture.

Mix and match on your cheese board:

Coordinating your cheese board is another important task for the event. No matter how many varieties you put on your cheese board, make it look appetising and enticing for your invitees. Decorate them well with dry fruits, cherries or pickles, olives and dips whatever you fancy. Keep all the food fresh and don’t forget to add some herbs for garnishing the board. You can add some flowers as well to up the overall presentation of the cheeseboard.

Check into the cellar:

Well this should be done pretty early before you do other things. Check what you have in your collection and if you need to purchase through your wine basket delivery online. If you think, have an informal word with your invitees about their choice of wines and get them ready accordingly. Merlot Red, Airen, pinot gris, Chardonnay and Syrah are some of the most popular party wines. You can grab some locally manufactured wines as well if they are fresh and savoury.

Think about the sides:

You can try to add some light snacks and finger foods in your menu for the party. Baked potato and cheese balls, meat chips, fish nuggets, assorted fried veggies are some of the great options to munch on along with sips of the finest liquors. Don’t choose heavy meals as they don’t go well with the overall theme and mood of the party.

Keep it informal and warm:

This is the best approach you can offer at your wine and cheese party, to keep the overall atmosphere warm and informal so that all your invitees feel comfortable and be themselves. Create a wine table and a cheeseboard and insist your invitees to help themselves to choose their favourite delicacies. Don’t force anyone for either food or liquor and keep your approach gentle, yet warm.

Arrange for some music, deck up your place with lights and flower arrangements. You can also try some fun indoor games, card games or light conversations to mingle well with your invitees and help them have a great time at your place.

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