Useful Tips For Serving Alcohol In A Responsible Manner

Tips For Serving Alcohol In A Responsible Manner

Are you looking forward to hosting an amazing house party next weekend? When friends or even cousins get together for fun, alcohol often becomes the life of the occasion. And with the online alcohol delivery services available these days, it is easy to bring home all types of wine and liquors that you want. However, a happy and lively party doesn’t have to get unsafe or cause a mess. If you are in charge of serving alcohol or whipping up cocktails, here are a few tips you can follow to ensure that some common problems or drunken mishaps can be avoided.

Make sure that everyone is of age

As a party host, you need to ensure that no one is underage, if alcohol is being served. Not only can this lead to a legal hassle in case of a mishap, but also if an underage person drinks, it can cause intensely adverse reactions like blackouts, loss of control on movements, vomiting, and aggressiveness. Do remember that these issues can occur even if someone of age continues to drink more than he or she can handle.

Keep everything clean

Your bar at home must be well-dusted and all bottles, glasses, and other accessories should be absolutely clean to avoid any contamination. It is not enough to order alcohol online and not take care of the process that will follow. So, if you are using something like a beer pump or ice machine or ice bucket, make sure they are clean and spotless. Try to wash and clean glasses immediately after use to reduce the spread of bacteria.

Mix drinks right and do avoid peer pressure

In a casual setup, it often happens that a friend tries to coax another to drink more alcohol than he usually can. If you are the host, definitely avoid this and dissuade others. You should always confirm the amount of alcohol that you are serving someone and stop when they ask you to. Whether you are mixing a whisky or vodka with soda or a cold drink or preparing a cocktail, the proportion should always be confirmed by the drinker.

Keep an eye on the temperature

When it comes to stocking up on alcohol, online shopping is the best way to go about it as you won’t have to carry back all the bottles or cans. But you also need to spare a thought on how to store them. The fridge or cooler that you use for storage should not be freezing. Always maintain the right temperature, and avoid exposing wines or beers to direct sunlight. This can ruin the taste and aromas completely.

Serve food with alcohol

People can get drunk too quickly or suffer from headaches, nausea and dizziness, when they consume alcohol without food. So, serve snacks like popcorn, whole wheat crackers, sandwiches, pizza or tortilla chips that are easy to enjoy with a drink in hand. Avoid foods that are too salty, oily or spicy as these can make people more thirsty or uncomfortable. If you are planning a full-fledged dinner, then roast poultry or red meat, grilled veggies, light pastas, and burgers are good ideas.

Plan for emergencies

An alcohol party can get out of hand, no matter how responsibly you serve drinks. So, always keep emergency numbers handy and keep a first aid box at home in case someone gets hurt. Try and share these responsibilities with a trusted friend, so that you can enjoy the party too.

Are you all set to get the party started then? When you order alcohol online, delivery will take place on time, and you can be sure of that with a reputed seller. So, arrange for everything else as well and keep the above tips in mind, so that the D-day is not spent on rushed cleaning and grocery shopping.

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