Useful Tips For Cooking With Vodka

Useful Tips For Cooking With Vodka

Vodka is one of the most common distilled spirits found in a range of cocktails as well as mixed drinks. This unprecedented popularity of vodka stems from the fact that vodka has no discernible flavour or smell and is essentially clear. This allows other ingredients of the drink to become the pivotal point.

But did you know that this superb spirit is as popular when it comes to cooking? Well, vodka is also one of those spirits which is extensively used in cooking delicious items. This amazing alcohol has the potential to add an all-new dimension to various cookery dishes.

In this article, we will have a look at some of the most popular tips for cooking with vodka. Let’s have a look.

Using vodka in cooking

  1. Vodka is used for adding a boozy kick to the different recipes. It is seldom cooked for very long as that makes the alcohol burn off.
  1. Vodka acts as an emulsifier to bind water and oils together.
  1. Vodka is typically flavourless. It is because of this reason that it never overpowers any dish unless you add too much.

What can you make with vodka?

  1. Savoury dishes: You can add vodka to make delish sauces for different meats and pastas. Or, you can also use it to glaze your fish.
  1. Desserts: You can use vodka for creating a variety of sweet treats such as pies and pastries. When you use vodka in a dessert, it keeps the gluten from breaking down, thus creating a nice and flaky texture.
  1. Infusions: Vodka can be used for creating some mind-blowing infusions to enhance the recipes of your cocktails or other savoury items. For instance, you can soak herbs, vegetables, fruits or even candies in vodka for a few days and see how they completely change their flavour.

Temperature considerations

  1. Cooking with it: When you cook anything that contains alcohol, the heat process makes the alcohol evaporate. So, while cooking with vodka, it is important to first decide about the potency you require before deciding the cooking technique.
  1. Freezing it: Alcohol, in general, has a lower freezing point than water. This means that it does not freeze properly. So, if you are trying to create a frozen dessert, most likely the vodka will spoil the ice.

Storing vodka

Vodka is one of the spirits that does not mature or alter its taste when placed in a tightly sealed bottle. It can even last for years. However, once the bottle is open, the alcohol begins to slowly evaporate. Thus, it is never advisable to keep a bottle with a dispenser put in for a long period of time, i.e. a few weeks or leave a bottle half empty. Instead, you can transfer the bottle into a smaller one that is airtight. This will help your vodka retain its taste and potency for long.

So, if you are convinced, go ahead and try out your own special recipe with vodka. Many websites deal in a wide range of liquors and differentliquor gift sets. You can browse these websites to explore the different flavours available in vodka. You can use these flavours to experiment with diverse dishes.

Always make sure to buy a premium variety of vodka that is properly distilled and refined. Properly go through the website that you are planning to buy from. A good quality vodka will add enhanced flavour to your dishes.

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