Things You Need To Know About Cooking With Rum

Things You Need To Know About Cooking With Rum

Have you ever incorporated rum into your cooking regime? Well, we are not talking about those rum chocolates or the rum cake that you bake during your leisure hours. What we are indicating here is savoury! Rum is a highly versatile alcohol that has the potential to add an all-new dimension to a lot of dishes, from pan-glazed pork to delightful seafood items.

In this article, we will learn about some basics of cooking with rum. But before we get started, you must know the first rule of using rum in the kitchen: picking the right bottle. Dark and aged rum is ideal when it comes to cooking dishes with potent flavours, such as pork or beef stews. For cooking seafood or poultry, white rum is always preferred.

As a rule of thumb, always pick a high-quality brand of rum as a cheap one will often deteriorate the dish. It will taste really bitter. So, it is always advisable to taste some before adding it to your recipes to make sure that the end result is pleasant.

How rum works in cooking?

Dark and spiced rum is great for adding a tinge of flavour to your dishes. But remember, do not cook the rum for too long as it will make the alcohol burn off. Also, light rum is not very potent so it will seldom overpower the flavour of your dishes unless you add too much of it.

Dishes you can add rum to:

  1. Savoury dishes: Both dark, as well as white rum, can be used for glazing the meats and vegetables. Often, people pair these with fruits such as pineapple to create amazing tropical dishes or Caribbean food.

  2. Sweet dishes: Rum is widely used in making different kinds of desserts, such as cakes, chocolates, pies, ice creams and much more. Some of the items you can make with rum are Bananas Foster, Tiramisu Pudding and Rum & Raisin ice cream. Besides, you can also use it for making chocolate sauce or autumnal pie. If you are looking for a strong flavour, you must use dark or spiced rum.

  3. Infusions: You canuse rum for creating some excellent infusions to enhance the recipes of your cocktails or other savoury items. For instance, you can soak spices, herbs, vegetables, fruits or even candies in rum for a few days and see how these infusions take on absolutely new flavours.

Temperature considerations

  1. Cooking with it: If you are planning to cook your dish with rum, make sure you do it for very less time. This is because the more you heat, the more alcohol content in rum will evaporate. Thus, the dish you create will not be very potent.

  2. Freezing it: Rum has a lower freezing point than water. This means that it does not freeze properly. You need to keep this in mind while making any kind of frozen desserts with rum.

These are some of the tips that you must keep in mind while cooking with rum. Because this alcoholic spirit is so nice and versatile, there is a lot that you can do with it. Just be creative and do not overthink or overdo it. Remember when you are cooking with rum, it will eventually serve as an accentuating element and not necessarily the focal point.

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