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  • The Most Preferred Gins for Gin Lovers - Friendship Day Gin Collection 2022

The Most Preferred Gins for Gin Lovers - Friendship Day Gin Collection 2022

Friendship Day Gin Collection

Out of all the gin joints in the world, they walked into yours and today you can't imagine a life without them, because somewhere in between they became your best friends. Friendships taste better and funnier when there is a really good amount of alcohol. So how about you celebrate this year’s friendship day with the quirkiest drink of all, GIN?Gin, a very eccentric drink, is simply the perfect drink for celebration. Even research shows that 59% of Gin lovers feel energetic and confident after having gin. So gin is undoubtedly a great pair for your company.

Gin is one of the most diverse drinks in the world. It's made mainly from Juniper berries and comparatively has lower sugar content. Various other fruits, spices and herbs are also added in the making of the Gin so there are such secondary tastes also. You can easily order the perfect bottle of Gin from us.

Friendship is a celebration and the perfect party light for it is a quality bottle of Gin. So this friendship day, how about a nice Gin Giftfor your best buddies? Try these popular most preferred Gins and make the most of the day, because you only get once to live!

1.Tanqueray London Dry Gin:

A gin made from Juniper, Coriander, Angelica and Licorice, this Gin GIft is the ideal one if you are into celebrating with a whole gang. This is usually a crowd-pleasing and heavily enjoyed Gin. It has herbal flavours and there is also a secondary flavour of dry fish. And did you know that Tanqueray Gin had won the award of Bartenders’ Choice of Gin in 2020, and that was its eighth consecutive win! It’s indeed a celebrity of its own. The highest quality berries are used in the making of this heaven-in glass, and they are the perfect Gin Gift for your gin-loving friends.

2. Bombay Dry Gin:

A strong gin, the Bombay Dry Gin is an absolute favourite among Gin lovers. They are the perfect blend of Juniper berry, Coriander, and Bergamot. It has a very sophisticated taste and is always the best in the legendary cocktail of Gin and Tonic. Bombay Dry Gin is handcrafted carefully in botanical gardens and aren' they an amazing Gin Gift this year?

3. No 3 London Dry Gin:

Produced by the oldest wine and spirits merchant in the UK, this Gin is hard to break. There is ofcourse the very distinctive flavour of Juniper berries. The accompanying flavours include Cardomom and citrus. This one is very popular and it’s perfect for a wonderful evening with your best buddies. The outstanding taste and the bold amount of alcohol level are all the goodie good highlights and some more good reasons to make this your choice of Gin Gift.

4. Gin Copperhead The Alchemists:

The Gin Copperhead The Alchemists is a gin of rich history which is made from five great botanicals that include Angelica, Juniper, Cardamom, Orange peel and Coriander seed. The story is that this Gin was created by a very curious pharmacist who got his inspiration from reading a newspaper story about the story of Gins. This Belgian delight is one of the perfect GinGifts out there to explore with your friends.

5. The Lakes Gin:

A classic Gin from England, the Lakes Gin is a beautiful combination of Juniper, cracked Black Pepper and Orange peel. This fascinating Gin is made from an intense yet delicate process in which only a limited number of botanicals are used and then they are infused into the British wheat spirit. A beautiful Gin like The Lakes Gin must only be enjoyed in groups. With a gliding smooth texture and vibrant flavour palette, The Lakes Gin Gift is an ideal bottle for an unexpected hang-out with your crazy bunch.

6.  Bulldog London Dry Gin:

An original Gin, the Bulldog London Dry Gin has a very executive taste palette. The Bulldog is made in an exquisite copper pot with flavours of Lotus leaf and pepper. They have an exceptionally rich taste that is complex yet sweet. With a lot of memories rushing back they are simply the best out there for an evening of celebration.

Gin bottles are always best served chilled at a cool summer party, and it also has a lot of fans during the wintertime. So undoubtedly, a Gin Gift would be super cool and novel for your buddy. As the old saying goes, “Hey there's Gin, Smile”. A good bottle of Gin Gifts is sure to bring a wonderful smile ion your buddy’s face. Order Online to avail the best prices and express delivery. Cheers!