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Cheap And Easy Rum Cocktails You Can Prepare For Your Next Party

Rum Cocktails You Can Prepare For Your Next Party

Winter also means the party season and house parties can be great ways of meeting up with friends and family while enjoying the winters from the cosy corners of your home. However, if you are organizing a house party, then you have to play the host and ensure that there is a good variety of great cocktails and foods for the guests to look forward to. Now, if rum is your and most of your friend’s favorite drink, then you can order them from an online rum delivery provider and use the alcohol in preparing some amazing cocktails. At the same time, you will obviously abide by a certain budget and make sure that a perfect party is in place without shelling out a fortune. So, here are some of the cheap and easy rum cocktail recipes for you to try out for your next house party.

El Presidente

With a grand name, this tropical cocktail tastes great and is also the ideal option for you when you are about to prepare a cocktail in less time and without hassles. The cocktail looks fancy and comes with a delicate sweetness that most rum lovers will enjoy. To prepare this, all you need would be light rum, some orange Curacao and dry vermouth. You can further add grenadine to give the drink, a beautiful blush colour.

Nevada Cocktail

This one comes on top of the list of easy and cheap cocktails because you need just five ingredients to prepare this. These include a good quality rum, fresh grapefruit, lime juices, a little bit of sugar and a bottle of bitters. Most of these are either present in your kitchen or easily available. Mix all of them carefully and this tart yet sweet rum cocktail is all set to be served.

Lounge Lizard

No matter how elaborate a name we give to this cocktail, it is basically rum and coke, which remains one of the most loved combinations for all rum lovers out there. To make the cocktail a bit different and even tastier, you can add a slice of lime. Similarly, you can also add a simple shot of amaretto and this otherwise retro drink will be both familiar and unique at the same time.

Grand Rum Toddy

Hot toddy, which is quite popular, has its base in rum. Rum adds both alcoholic bitterness as well as the sweetness that the cocktail needs. It is a warm and comforting drink, something that you need as a must on a cold winter day. The grand rum toddy is basically a way of taking this simple warm cocktail to another level. The recipe requires you to add citrus with orange liquor and a hint of lime. Once you have poured the hot water, you can instantly feel the aroma and a perfectly soothing drink is ready to be served.

Dulce de Leche

With rum, you can make dessert cocktails as well and Dulce de Leche is among the easiest recipes to find out there. Mix your rum with good dark chocolate liquor, sweetened condensed milk and a pinch of cinnamon. This creamy cocktail has a mesmerizing flavour, leaving your party guests craving for more of this drink for sure.

Try out these easy and cheap cocktail recipes and the next time, you send rum spirits to someone you love, do not forget to share some of these recipes too.

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