The Best Red Wines For Corporate Gifting

Best Red Wines For Corporate Gifting

Some gifts can never go wrong just like the case of gifting an aged and meticulously chosen bottle of Red Wine. No matter if it is gifted to cement your bond with your corporate colleagues or celebrate a special occasion like Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year together, red wine can liven up any situation. Let’s take a look at the best red wines that you can put in your corporate wine gift baskets for your corporate friends to strengthen your mutual bonding and cooperation.

Bold red wines are generally acidic, tannic and contain more alcohol compared to the other wines. They are a perfect companion while consuming a steak meal. Oak, black pepper, tobacco and dark fruits are some of the essential favours in a bold red wine.


 Tempranillo from Spain is one of the best red wines one can vouch on. This full-bodied classic red wine is tannic is taste and originates from La Rioja. Mild fruit flavours like cheery, dried fig, cedar, high acidity and alcohol level can be found in Tempranillo. If you’re corporate friends are very fond of whiskey, then this is the wine you can gift them. Tempranillo Reserva is another great product under the same brand. It needs to be consumed soon. These wines are aged in oak for a year and then for another two years before release.


 Jumping over to Italy, this red wine, which is pale red in colour, originated in Piedmont, especially Barolo and Barbaresco. Don’t be fooled by its colour, this wine is pretty acidic with bold tannins. Therefore, if you are having a corporate dinner with some of the greatest Italian dishes like pasta or risotto, then this is the red wine to go for. Nebbiolos are meant to be aged for at least 14 years. This is the wine for special occasions.


Syrah originated in Rhone Valley in France. This wine has rich fruit flavours. US, Spain, Australia, South Africa and Argentina manufacture Syrah to a large extent. This fruit flavoured, medium tannin and acidic red wine is loved across the globe for its aromas and flavours of cherries, blue berries, plums, cocoas, tobacco and pepper. This wine can be consumed anytime of the day. Syrah is a great companion for barbeque parties.

Bordeaux Blend

This classic red French wine is popular in the universe for a good reason. Varied takes of this blend are manufactured across the globe. Bordeaux Blend is a more tame red wine which is medium-bodied. The flavours of black currant, plum, graphite and pepper can be found in this wine. Bordeaux Blend should be aged for at least 10 years. If your corporate friends are regular sippers of red wine, then this is the best gift for them.


This juicy and flavourful red wine contains the flavours of plum, cocoa, tobacco, vanilla and dark berries. This originated in the southern west province of France. Malbec is loved by those who love a little jammy and flavourful drink. A little sediment at the bottom of your glass of Malbec is no surprise since the wine is not much filtered like the other red wines. But this is the perfect wine for those who like this authentic taste. Malbec should not be aged more than 2 to 3 years.


This is another Italian gem which originated in southern Italy. It is locally known as Taurasi. Common aromas of this wine include smoke, black cherry, plum and black pepper. To order bulk wine online, get in touch with the authentic Italian wine sellers. This classic wine should be aged for around 15 years.

Written by: Sarah from Wine Guide

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