Which Cheese To Serve At A Red Wine Tasting Party?

Cheeses To Serve At A Red Wine Tasting Party

Cheese and wine is a timeless combination and matching the two elements has been a century-old practice in several civilizations across the globe. However, it is still an intimidating task for many as it requires the right blend of flavours, textures and taste.

If you are hosting a red wine tasting party, you should have a fair amount of idea, what kind of cheese could be served with the drinks. Here are some ideas that will help you guide create successful red wine and cheese combination.

Cabernet Sauvignon and sharp cheddar

Cabernet Sauvignon is the widely popular red wine variety that must feature in your red wine tasting party. The wine has the prominent hint of dark fruits and herbs. Therefore, extra sharp cheddar is the true companion of this drink. The red wine draws out the strong and bold flavour of the cheddar. Cabernet Sauvignon also goes well with salty and firm cheeses. This is one such combo your party cannot start without. This is also the right combination as cheese and wine gift sets.

Malbec and vintage cheese

Malbec is an inky dark coloured and robust tannin-based red wine that is famous for its dark fruit, anise and herb note flavours. The strong flavours of Malbec combine very well with extra mature cheddar or other such vintage cheeses preserved for at least six months or more.

Zinfandel Rose and Hot Buffalo

Zinfandel Rose is one of the famous wines among women. A lot of wine beginners too love this sweet and dry wine which is beautiful pink or bright red in colour. This medium to full-bodied wine has the flavours of dark jam and black pepper. It is fruity and spicy as well. So, to pair it up with Hot Buffalo cheddar, Cabot Hot Habanero cheddar and Jalapeno cheddar cheeses for your party revellers. The combination is spicy, bold and rich.

Pinot Noir and Gruyere

Well, no red wine tasting party cannot complete if the menu doesn’t include Pinot Noir. It is a dry and medium-bodied that contains the characteristics of ripe red fruit flavours. So, if you choose a nutty flavoured cheese with medium firmness then you will hit the bull’s eye. Vermont Sharp cheddar is also another option for Pinot Noir that has earthy notes. Send this combo to somebody as Thanksgiving wine and cheese gifts.

Chianti and Tuscan

Welcome to the central region of Italy that is the proud maker of this brilliant red wine and cheese combination. Chianti is a very dry, slightly tannic and medium-bodied wine that is usually aged for years for its rich Sangiovese fruit flavours like grapes, plum and cherry. Pair it well with hard Tuscan cheese like Pecorino that is made of full sheep’s milk. This cheese if often rolled with herbs and ground pepper for extra flavours. This can be a great add on to your red wine tasting party menu. Keep some fresh tomato and basil ready for the tasters to have it with the cheese slices.

Syrah and aged cheese

Those who swear by the sip of red wine are well aware why Syrah or Shiraz, as known in some Mediterranean countries, is famous. This dry, full-bodied, opaque wine had firm tannin and brisk acidity. The wine is available in varied flavours of red and black fruits, herbs, bacon, smoke, black and white pepper and floral violet notes among others. A glass of Syrah goes best with smoked and aged cheeses like Maplebrook Smoked mozzarella or Gafton Village Smoked Chilli cheddar. This is a perfect combination for gourmet wine and cheese gift baskets during Christmas or New Year celebrations.

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