How to Put Together a Perfect Wine Basket

Perfect Wine Gift Baskets

If you are someone with a few oenophiles or wine lovers in your friends’ list, there is nothing like giving them wine gift baskets, be it any occasion or season. For this, you can either go for a reputed online store and order a lavish basket or put together one yourself! A little time and effort is all that is required to flawlessly customize a perfect wine basket.

Here are some tips to create a stylish wine gift basket with ease:

Know Your Gift Recipient and Their Taste

Undeniably, the first thing that comes to one’s mind while gifting something is, who the gift is for. It doesn’t make any sense if you are presenting a wine basket to a whiskey lover. Try to figure out what types of wines the recipient likes. Some might have a regional preference in wines or might want to try some specific variety. Recall if they ever mentioned their favourite wine variety incidentally. If you are gifting it to a wine connoisseur, get a mix of oaked and un-oaked varieties for your gift bag. Avoid gifting complex wines if the person is new to wines. If you are gifting it to someone who you do not know that well, go for something that isn’t too light, rich, or tannic.

Analyse Your Budget

Before you start shopping for wine gift bags or baskets, it is imperative to analyse how much you can spend for the gift. Online stores offer a variety of pre-made wine baskets, which can be expensive, but can save your time. Some sites even offer personalized wine bottles. If you decide to go for a DIY basket, it can be arduous. To make things easier, first allocate a budget for the gift and choose what you want to add to the basket. Do not forget that for DIY gifts, you need to choose the basket as well as allocate money to include some add-ons as complement.

The Add-Ons for Enhancement

Wine is always enjoyed with delectable food. Pick up some gourmet snacks such as cheese, chocolates, crackers, nuts, pretzels, and a jar of olives as gifts for wine drinkers and arrange them nicely in the basket. If you are on a tight budget, pick two gourmet snacks and place them beside the wine bottles. If you do not mind the price, add some wine tools and accessories like aerators and stoppers to your gift hamper, or simply add a wine journal, unique wine glasses or a few scented candles to it. A distinctive idea would be to include freshly packaged foods like spring salads with some exclusive vinaigrette dressing to go with the refreshment, especially if you are gifting acidic wines.

Pick Your Basket

Now that you know what to include in your gift basket, you need an appropriate container like a wicker basket or a big colander to arrange the goodies without cluttering them. Place some paper or cloth liners at the bottom of the basket and fill it with shredded papers or straw to provide some cushioning to the bottles. This can protect the bottles from unexpected jiggles and shakes. Adorning the basket with a cellophane sheet or tulle net ensures that small items added to the basket are held in place. Finally, get an elegant ribbon to make a bow and tie it to the basket to complete the look.

They say, a glass of wine can have a calming effect on the body and can reduce stress. Unarguably, a wine basket is a classy and sensational gift idea that can express your love, gratitude, or even appreciation towards a person. With some complimentary add-ons, you require nothing more to impress the wine enthusiast you are gifting it to. Additionally, if you come from a place recognised for its wines, do not forget to include one local variety to the basket.

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