Top Dishes That Go Well With Red Wine

Red Wines

Special occasions in life often call for a flavourful and aromatic glass of wine that makes you feel like you are on top of the world! And red wines are often chosen in this regard to celebrate occasions like anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, birthdays or even a big promotion. Prepared from crushed and fermented whole grapes that are dark in colour, these wines can be of many types and they often vary in terms of shade and taste. While young wines often boast of a stunning deep violet hue, more aged wines come in a brick red or brown shade. Now, if you are hosting a party and planning to buy red wine online and serve, you need to know what kind of food will go well with which type of red wine. So, here is a close look at the same, to help you emerge as a knowledgeable host.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Usually medium or full-bodied, this red wine is a classic choice in all countries and can be served with wholesome and rich dishes like roast beef or lamb. You can think of creating a sophisticated dish like slow-roasted lamb flavoured with fennel, cinnamon and citrus. Or, beef fillet with a side of horseradish or beetroot will complement the notes of this wine as well.


This is another popular choice if you are considering Italian red wines. It tastes great with dishes that are cooked with generous amounts of tomato. For instance, fresh lasagne with pesto sauce, or a chicken casserole prepared with ham, pepper and red wine, can go well with barbera.


Grenache is another popular red wine variety that is prepared from spicy and earthy grapes. The wine has high alcohol content and robust flavours. You can pair it with rustic dishes that are wholesome, simple and yet delicious. Succulent braised venison or roasted pheasant are among the dishes that can be enjoyed with it.


This dry wine is low in tannins and has a fruity flavour and aroma. It is smooth too and is prepared from dark blue grapes. This elegant French red wine is best served with roast chicken and sticky carrots or roast duck with red wine sauce. You can also pair it with roast and stuffed turkey on Christmas.

Pinot Noir

As the name suggests, this medium bodied wine is made from pinot noir grapes and is luscious and delicious nectar. It is known to be lighter than other red wines and can be served with roast lamb or turkey. You can also pair it with soft and creamy cheeses to offer an appetising treat to your guests.

Shiraz or Syrah

Dark-skinned grapes are used to make this full-bodied wine that has intense fruity flavours like black olive and blueberry. The aftertaste of this wine is somewhat peppery or spicy. Feel free to serve it with hearty grilled steaks and vegetables that are roasted. This combination is especially ideal for winters. You can also serve a pork fillet grilled with herbs with this wine, and provide a side of roasted veggies.


Originally from Croatia, this wine is prepared from black-skinned grapes, and can be medium or full-bodied. It is highly acidic and has medium amounts of tannin, which give it a bold taste. Pair this dry and moderately sweet wine with sautéed mushrooms or a hearty venison roast. Devilled mushrooms or cream of cauliflower soup with sautéed mushrooms can also be served.

So, now that you know how to pair different kinds of red wine with the right dishes, get ready to host a memorable luncheon or dinner party without worries. Remember to serve the wine in elegant glasses and the food in well-chosen dinnerware.

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