Tips To Pair White Wine With Cheese For Birthday

Tips To Pair White Wine With Cheese For Birthday Gifting


Are you planning to gift wine and cheese to your friend or colleague on their birthday? Well, that idea itself is brilliant and it is hard to decide which cheese and wine to settle for, considering the wide range of options available.

However, while shopping for the wine and cheese basket delivery items you should keep in mind certain tips that we will discuss in this article. Whether you are buying wine and cheese for a bunch of people or for a single close friend, these tips will help you find the perfect delight.

Find the balanced intensity:

For a birthday gift, you can go for deluxe cheese crate and wine combo. Everything is delectable about this basket that comes with five different types of cheese such as blue, gouda, squeaky cheese curds. But remember that the blend should be equally balanced as both the items’ flavours can overpower each other. You can enrich the hamper by including dry fruits, nuts and olives. Last but not the least; gulp it all down with a handsome bottle of pinot Gris. You can buy it without a second thought for that someone special’s birthday or any other occasion. This combination works all the time.

Bold wines and aged cheese:

Try the aristocrat California basket if you want the wine to be bold and rich. This is one the best ways to add extra cheer to someone’s birthday. You don’t have to worry much about the package as simple items like a pair of bottles of California vino, nuts, pretzels and salamis can be put in the basket. Orange-coloured aged gouda is a great match for this before you wrap up the birthday wine gift baskets.

Soft creamy cheese, white wine’s best match:

This is another suggestion to keep your gift of white wine and cheese simple yet exquisite. Vinho verde is one of the finest wines of the northern region of Portuguese which is made of the fresh grapes of varied kinds, especially Alvarinho, the best white grape variety in the country. Portuguese pate is creamy cheese that can be used on crunchy snacks. Remember white wines go best with soft and creamy cheese.

Sweet wines for funky cheese:

If the white wine is sweeter like Late Harvest, Ice Wine, Malvasia, Tokaji or Vin Santo, then pair them with some best funky cheese available in the market. Soft bloomy rind cheese or blue-vein cheese are some of the examples that you can put delightfully to the birthday gift hamper. The sweetness of the wine and the “funk” in the cheese make the overall taste creamier with a bounty of flavours as you slowly relish it. Sauternes with Roquefort and Port with Stilton rule the roost in this type of pairing.

The origin matters:

One of the valuable tips on how to pair cheese and wine perfectly is to match them according to their place of origin. You should trust the local traditions and pair the cheese and wine in your customised birthday gift hamper by choosing items from the same region. For example, the famous goat cheese of Loire Valley, France, goes best with Sauvignon Blanc or Garnacha with Manchego from Spain.


Several books and posters on wine and cheese pairing are available online or otherwise to get cues from. Also, whenever in doubt, you should choose the firm and nutty cheese that goes with almost all kinds of white wines. Consider the person’s choice who you are gifting the hamper in this regard to hit the bull’s eye.

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