How To Pair Spirits With Food For A Superb House Party?

How To Pair Spirits With Food For A Superb House Party?

House parties are often more fun than going out to a club or restaurant. As we grow old, we tend to spend more quality time in the comfort of our home with friends and family. The most important part of organizing house parties is planning and arranging them.

For a successful house party, it is essential that you not only decide on a delectable menu and grab the best variety of alcohol but also ensure that they are paired the right way. Even gift hampers available online focus on delectable food and alcohol pairings. If you are looking to get some whiskey gifts for men for your party, focus on such great pairings for the perfect gift.

Every alcohol has a favour profile of its own and so do the different dishes you will serve. That is why; a well-thought pairing of spirits and foods is a must to enjoy each and also the combination of both. Here is a quick guide on which foods pair well different types of alcohol. This will help you plan the perfect menu for your next party.


Both rums and especially rum cocktails have a predominantly sweet taste. Silver rums in particular have a sharp flavour. This is why all types of seafood, cooked well with a generous helping of spices, go perfectly well with rum. There are so many dishes to choose from when it comes to seafood that you’ll ever run out of options. You can simply cook up a shrimp/prawn salad or get a bit more elaborate and prepare fish tacos. With alcohol, it is always better to have finger foods. To get the best flavour combos, ensure that you use a lot of coconut in the curries and peanut sauces in to go along with appetisers.


When you send whiskey gifts, you can just spend your time selecting which whiskey you want to gift. But when it comes to organizing a house party and catering to all the whiskey lovers among your guests, you have to pair them with appropriate foods as well. Now, since the tastes and the flavours of the whiskeys are varied, there are a lot of food options for you to choose from. As for snacks, smoky pork ribs match best with almost all kinds of whiskeys. If you have got hold of some of the best-quality scotch whiskeys, then don’t forget to have an assortment of fruits as accompaniments of the alcohol. Fruits, dark chocolates and cheese all go well with whiskey and are absolute crowd pleasers.


Vodka is one of the most loved alcohols out there. The spirit is known for its very pungent taste and flavour. It is often considered to be a crowd favourite as it is available in multiple flavours. As for foods, any smoked or barbequed items are ideal. The smoky flavour of the meats, be it chicken, beef or pork beautifully complements the taste of good quality vodkas. Add a bit of spice depending on how rich you like your food. Vodka is also good for preparing refreshing cocktails, which you can pair with almost any food you like. So, the next time you consider gifts for vodka lovers; not only should you send a hamper but also include some of the best foods that complement the taste of vodka as well.

So, get set, follow these tips and make your upcoming house party a raging success.

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