Celebrate Mother’s Day With Wine And Love

Wine Gifts

It is that time of the year when we celebrate the special one who brought us to the world! Mothers have an incredible impact on our lives, and nothing compares to their love and support. To share our appreciation and put a smile on our mother’s face, it’s time to get a bit creative.

Instead of going for the regular chocolates & roses, you can also give your mother a sense of relaxation with specially curated wine gift baskets for Mother’s Day. Along with wine, you can customise the basket with goodies and edibles that makes her day extra special.

If you are unsure where to start, you can choose from a wide range of prepackaged basket arrangements that are best suitable for your mom’s personality. To help you out in selecting the best Mother’s Day UK wine gift basket, we have curated a list of great gift options for you. Read on and take your pick!

  • Wine Chocolate With Designer Wine:
  • If you are looking for a chic and luxurious wine basket, this designer wine with a chocolate combo is a perfect choice! It features a gourmet 3 tier brown suede tower with two designer Burgundy wine glasses, flawlessly paired with a classic Cabernet Sauvignon encased in an elegant mahogany wooden gift case! To go with this delicious wine, The gift basket includes an assortment of truffles, luxurious dark and milk chocolates, along chocolate pecan caramel turtles. The world-famous Swerseys is a lush and rich creamy milk chocolate with an opulent caramel centre and freshly roasted southern pecans. It is an absolute treat to your senses.

  • Napa Valley Charm:
  • This gorgeous wine country gift basket for Mother’s Day is a delight for wine lovers. This basket contains two California red wines, put together with a variety of gourmet samplings. Features smoked cheese, gourmet mustard, toasted crackers, California nuts, a savoury snack mix and Ghirardelli chocolate squares.

  • Ultimate Meat and Cheese Wooden Gift Basket:
  • Just as the name states, this gift basket is ultimate indeed. The Mother’s Day wine and cheese gift basket features four different gourmet cheeses, two savoury sausages and a mix of salty crackers with California nuts. These delicacies come encased in a beautiful wooden basket, adorned with a shiny brown bow to top it off. This basket is sure to be a mum pleaser as it has everything that fits into a charcuterie board!

  • Get The Party Started Wine and Beer Hamper:
  • This is “The Ultimate Hamper” for all those fun and party-loving moms! It contains not one but two beverages – California red wine and four bottles of California craft beer! For the perfect pairing, this basket comes along with butter toffee pretzels, sourdough nuggets, crackers, roasted almonds, beer nuts, chips and a delightful cheese spread. The basket is bright red and comes adorned with a gorgeous bow for added elegance!

  • Golden Vineyard Gourmet:
  • If your mom seems to have missed her annual wine tasting adventure this year due to the pandemic, then this Mother’s Day wine gift basket is simply spot on! This luxurious bundle comes with two California red wines and one California white wine that is super sweet and mellow. The hamper also comes with a variety of savoury treats and sweet delicacies like smoked salmon, chocolate truffle cookies, brie cheese, almond Roca, butter toffee pretzels, rolled chocolate cookies, truffles and flatbread crisps. It comes encased in a stunning gold basket with white and gold knitted detailing.


    With Mother’s Day just around the corner, curating a perfect wine gift basket that goes with your mom's personality is sure to make her happy. Whether you want to spend some quality time with a glass of wine, chatting with your mom or sending love from a long distance, buying a wine gift basket is the perfect choice. The gifts mentioned above are some of the best wine gifts for Mother’s Day, but there is more.

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