Easter Gift Ideas: Best Wine Gift Basket for Easter 2022

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As a host, you may be looking for the ideal pairing for your Easter gourmet meal. Or, you may be undecided on the perfect gift to take to the Easter party. Either way, wine is your go-to option. Wines are an essential part of every Easter lunch or brunch. Whether there is ham, lamb, fish or an all-vegan Easter meal, chances are wine will be an integral part of the celebration. However, choosing the perfect wine that pleases the palate and is seasonally appropriate can be tricky. Here's a guide to the ideal Easter wine and wine gifting ideas that your friends and family will love.

Wine has always been associated with Easter, and so have baskets. Baskets have been a part of Easter festivities since pagan times. People love exchanging Easter gift baskets. And for your wine-loving friends and family, Easter wine gift baskets are a perfect idea. You can put together baskets on your own or buy them online. Here are some Easter Wine Gift

Easter Basket Gift Ideas:

Wines and Food Gift Baskets – These Easter gift baskets usually contain wine and fine gourmet foods that pair well with the wine. Basically, it's everything that you will need to have a wine party!

Wine supplies – Most of us don't know what we need until we see them. Wine drinkers are no different. A range of accessories and odds and ends elevate your wine drinking experience. These Easter wine gift baskets usually contain a bottle or two of wine, a high-quality cork, and a unique ice bucket for wine. It makes the perfect Easter gift idea.

Chocolate and Wine – Wine and chocolate are a match made in heaven. These Easter gifts include several kinds of chocolates, plus the wines that best accompany them.

Here are some wines which are perfect for Easter serving or Easter gifts:

  • Mionetto Luxury Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore:
  • Easter celebrations involve brunches, opening up the opportunity for some bubbles. This affordable Italian option is framed by flavors of peach and Meyer lemon and contains just the right amount of fizz. It tastes plenty good on its own or can be paired with orange juice. The bottle looks like it's dressed up clad in a tuxedo, perfect for the occasion and for Easter gifting.

  • Out East Côtes de Provence Rosé:
  • Rosé is for all seasons, but it is still everyone's favorite pink drink in the warm months. Easter, marking the beginning of spring, is the perfect time to start sipping rosé. It is an excellent Easter wine gift for wine lovers. Having the notes of stone fruit and rose petals accented by a subtle spice sets the springtime mood flawlessly.

  • Woodward Canyon NV Red:
  • This is a Walla Walla red blend that is very pleasing and Easter food-friendly. It goes with a rack of lamb, excellent roast pork or some sweet and savory roasted vegetables. It is made from Cab Franc, and the Bordeaux mashup is full-bodied but not overly powerful.

  • Elena Walch Kastelaz Gewurztraminer:
  • While meats like lamb roast might have you willing for a red, the rich notes of the white flowers and delicate mineral notes on the palate make this subtle, refreshing wine an excellent choice for Easter supper. Not to mention a wonderful white wine gift idea.

  • Dog Point 2018 Sauvignon Blanc:
  • The tons of fresh notes of bright flavors like passion fruit and guava will have you sipping this wine all through lunch. The brightness of this wine plays very well with a whole host of foods, from fruits and salads to lighter desserts.

  • Domaines Ott Chateau Romassan Bandol Rosé:
  • The south of France is popular for rosés like this one. "Glou-glou" is the French term used for the easy-drinking quality of this rosé, which makes it a perfect pairing for nearly anything on your Easter plate, from eggs to ham to spring greens.

  • Louis Jadot Beaujolais Villages:
  • When it comes to food-friendly wine, Beaujolais is an everyday favorite famous wine among the French. This juicy Gamay is from the Burgundy region and is full of lush red fruit notes and tannin and spice to stand up against the whole Easter meal.

  • Cakebread Reserve Chardonnay:
  • Chardonnay has always been a crowd-pleaser. It is a classic bottle from Napa that offers a versatile palette of tropical fruit, buttery pastry, and honey, making it a fine pairing with all Easter table favorites.

  • Peyrassol Rosé:
  • Invented in the Provence region of France, it is a proper pink wine. Dry yet robust, the Peyrassol sports that signature light salmon hue and looks so good on the springtime Easter celebration lunch table. It is a blend of Rolle, Ugni Blanc, Cinsault, Grenache, and Syrah; the wine gives a very old and homely vibe.

  • Yalumba Samuel's Collection Bush Vine Grenache:
  • If your guests prefer red wine, a grenache like this bottle from Australia will offer the boldness and freshness you need to take on the more decadent Easter foods. At the same time, notes of stone fruit, a hint of pepper and ripe raspberry prevent your palate from getting weighed down.

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