Pick the Perfect Cheese & Wine Gift Basket Every time

Cheese Wine Hampers

Whether you’re looking for classy corporate wine gifts to please your boss or something delicious to satisfy those fussy names on your Christmas gifting list, the classic cheese and wine combination never goes out of style. This pairing is gold and hits the target each time—but only when done right!

Once you start hunting, you’ll find so many cheese and wine gift baskets that you’ll find yourself confused—and that’s okay! We are here to help you choose the perfect cheese and wine gift basket each time: for every occasion and recipient. 

Choose the Right Combo

The first thing to consider when looking for cheese and wine gift baskets is balance. The thing is, there are some wines that bring out the best flavors of cheese and vice versa. This is why the right pairing can make all the difference! 

If you pair two contrasting flavors, the result may be close to disastrous—and that’s just not doing justice to this tasteful pairing. If you need help, here are some classic wine and cheese pairings that will satisfy any flavor profile (link to Best Cheese and Wine Pairings that you should know about)

Best Cheese and Wine Gift Baskets

We will walk you through some of the best wine gifts out there that will work for a host of occasions-from birthdays to holidays. 

Here are some of our top picks!


Port wine is a delicious red wine that hails from Portugal. It is most often touted as a dessert wine due to its richness. However, this quality makes it equally viable for cheese-certain cheese like the hard-to-pair blue cheese. This is the ideal cheese and wine gift basket for all cheese and Port lovers out there, and we bet there are plenty!

This hamper comprises a high-quality, fruity bottle of Croft Fine Ruby Port to be enjoyed with creamy gourmet cheese and an assortment of other tasty snacks like relish and wafers. 

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This is a cheese and wine gift basket that is perfect for any occasion. In essence, you can’t go wrong with it! If you know a wine or cheese lover, this is one of the best wine gifts for them. This wholesome gift basket has two different types of cheeses, offering variety to the picky gift recipient. 

That’s not all! This indulgent basket has a refreshing bottle of wine that is selected because it goes perfectly well with the blue cheese, providing it the creaminess it needs. You will also find delicious savory crackers and a jar of olives. This is the all-in-one cheese platter you need with a bottle of wine packaged with a stunning bow. 


If you need an all you need wine and cheese gift basket, then this is the right one for you. This bountiful gift basket would work best as a corporate gift for your boss, client or partner. It contains an assortment of goodies and looks so festive with a big, stunning red bow that it would be ideal for holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas. 

The huge basket comprises a bottle of wine with a delightful, fruity aroma, delicious gouda cheese spread, caramels, cookies, naan crisps and much, much more.

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If you want to enjoy wine and cheese in its classic, elegant form, then this is one of the best cheese and wine gift baskets for this purpose. This is the best gift hamper for a cheese or wine lover’s birthday. 

This simple yet sophisticated gourmet gift hamper contains 3 different kinds of cheese to be enjoyed with the popular Merlot red wine. 

Wine Gift Basket Delivery

Now you can schedule a hassle-free wine gift basket delivery anywhere in the world-UK, USA, Switzerland and more. All you have to do is, log on to the website and choose your destination. With a wide variety of cheese and wine gift baskets, you will find the perfect basket to suit every occasion and flavor profile. 

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