How to Send Wine & Champagne to Switzerland

wines to Switzerland

Did you know that Switzerland is heralded as the 4th country for wine consumption in the world? In fact, some even say that wine is just as important (if not more) than bread and water for Swiss people! So whether it’s a special occasion or just your average day, wine gifts will make literally anyone’s day.

For this reason, you might be looking to schedule a wine delivery to Switzerland for your Swiss friends and family to heighten their celebrations.

But is it that easy? The thing is, if you have long-distance friends in Switzerland, you are probably clueless about where to buy wines or wine gifts from there. You might be searching for wine shops in Switzerland, but how do you ensure timely wine gifts delivery to your recipient’s doorstep?

Fortunately, Wines to Gift makes your consternation easier. They have a wide selection of alcoholic beverages-wines, champagne, and whisky to commemorate a host of occasions. Now you can get the best wine and wine gift baskets from the best online wine shop in Switzerland right from the comfortable confines of your home.

How to Send Wine and Champagne to Switzerland?  

If you want to send over champagne or wine to Switzerland, here is what you need to do:

  1. Log on to
  2. Choose Your Destination (In this case, choose SWITZERLAND)
  3. Choose Your Delivery Date
  4. Choose from the wide selection of wines, wine gifts and champagne available for delivery to Switzerland
  5. Add to Cart
  6. Add the details (city, address, etc.)
  7. Now schedule the wine or champagne delivery to Switzerland

Occasions to Send Wine and Champagne 

There are a host of occasions that mandate the need for wine or champagne.


Birthdays are celebratory occasions. You can find an assortment of wine gift baskets that your friends living in Switzerland will absolutely love. You can also choose a classic bottle of wine or champagne to make their birthday celebration even better.


Whether Christmas or Thanksgiving, you can find the perfect wine or champagne here to match the occasion. Allow friends to enjoy an earnest-to-goodness meal to be washed down with a fine drinking beverage delivered to their doorstep in Switzerland.

Swiss National Day

Swiss National Day takes place on the first of August. It is a celebratory occasion for Swiss people that requires a gift to be sent to your Swiss friends. Schedule a champagne delivery to Switzerland, allowing them to make the most of this day. 

Top Wines to Send to Switzerland 

  • Antario Barolo
  • 4 Hands Pays Doc 12 Red Wine
  • Blanc Gerard Bertrand White Wine

Top Champagnes to Send to Switzerland 

  • Mini Bottega Gold Brut Prosecco 20Cl Champagne
  • Louis Dornier and Fils Champagne
  • Vranken Diamant Brut Champagne

Top 3 Reasons to Gift Wines 

If you’re wondering why wine and champagne make a great gift no matter what the occasion in Switzerland, here are 3 reasons that’ll help make your choice simpler.

  1. Swiss People Love Wine

A gift is only successful if the recipient has a liking for it. Swiss people are ardent drinkers and they love their wine and champagne. This is your chance to appease your Swiss friends and family with wine and champagne gifts for their birthdays, holidays, promotion, as a thank you, etc.

  1. It’s Celebratory

Gifts should be celebratory in nature, and for this reason, wine and champagne make the cut. Whether a birthday or anniversary, popping open a bottle of champagne will allow your recipient to really get in the festive mood.

  1. Can’t Go Wrong

We all want to give gifts that would be well-received by our recipients. For this reason, ensure you don’t go wrong with Switzerland’s favorite drink!

Wine and Champagne Gift Delivery

Now you can schedule an easy and hassle-free wine delivery to Switzerland by choosing from our selection of the finest wines and champagnes at the best online wine shop in Switzerland. Make your celebrations even better with our quick and timely free delivery service to any city in Switzerland.

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