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Are you craving some wine but have no means to get it? Are you looking for a wine gift for a wine lover but clueless about where to start? Do you have no conveyance and want hassle-free wine delivery to your doorstep? Is a loved one’s birthday coming up, but they live across international borders?

If you have any of the above concerns, you have come to the right place! Amidst our busy schedules and fast-paced lives, at times, we can’t even take out time to go out and buy wine for ourselves or a friend/family member. 

Take this. You’re stuck at the office and forgot that you had a major anniversary tonight. How do you make sure your wife gets a stunning gift delivered right on time? Well, fret no more because, in this guide, we will tell you all about how to get wine gifts delivered to your doorstep. 

How to Schedule Wine Gifts Delivery?

Wines to Gift is an online platform that has a whole range of spirits, including wines, wine gifts, wine gift baskets, beer, gin, whisky and much more. With a singular goal to help bridge international boundaries, we allow you to schedule wine or wine gifts delivery to your desired recipient’s doorstep. 

Let’s find out how you can do this in 5 simple steps.

  1. Log on to
  2. Choose Your Destination (e.g. UK)
  3. Choose Your Delivery Date 
  4. Pick the wine gift 
  5. Make the Payment

Where All Can You Send Wine?

With increasing globalization, you may have friends and family all over the world. But does that mean you need to wait it out till you and your friend, lover or family member can celebrate together? WinesToGift provides alcohol international delivery to over 100 destinations around the world! 


People in the UK love wine. Whether you have friends or family there, now you can send over an assortment of wine gifts, ranging from the classy Prosecco to tea time alcoholic gift hampers, perfectly in line with the Britons’ love for tea.


Whether it’s Thanksgiving or the fourth of July, you can send delicious online wine gifts all the way to America. Wines to Gift provides you with a range of wine gift baskets that have an assortment of chocolates, cheeses and tasty snacks.


The French love wine. If you have an international French lover or friend, you can send them some classic wine bottles to make their occasions special. Wines to Gift has the best selection of premium wines.

If you want to see the complete list of countries we deliver wine to, click here. Wines to Gift delivers wine to your recipient’s doorstep anywhere in the world they may be. 

Wine Gifts to Give 

Wines to Gift provides customers with a whole range of wines and wine gifts. 


We have some of the best wines that can be delivered to UK, USA, Australia, Europe and any more destinations. Here, you will find a wine to suit every flavor profile, taste, occasion and budget. We have a selection of both premium red wines and white wines.

Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets

Wines to Gift has a whole range of delicious wine and cheese gift baskets for delivery. Wine and cheese perfectly complement each other, which makes this a great, foolproof wine gift for the choosy wine lover in your life. 

Wine and Chocolate Gift Baskets 

If you have friends with a sweet tooth, you can find online wine and chocolate gift baskets that will have them salivating for more. These wine and chocolate gift baskets are ideal for a host of romantic occasions like anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.

Wine and Spa Gift Basket

During quarantine, any spa lover will absolutely adore a wine and spa gift basket delivered right to their doorstep. Wines to Gift offers you a plethora of options-sip on some delicious wine while enjoying a full-on pampering session.

Wines to Gift Online Wine

Wines to Gift allows you to schedule hassle-free wine gifts delivery to a whole range of destinations all around the world. Make all your occasions special by buying and sending amazing wine gifts online.

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