All the Things You Need to Know About Champagne Delivery

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Nothing spells celebration like champagne! Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas, you can party it up by popping open a bottle of champagne. This is why champagne is the ideal gift for a number of occasions and festivals. 

While you may be able to gift someone a bottle of champagne in person, how do you do this for friends, lovers and family across international borders? We understand how difficult it is to send gifts across the world. 

This is why this guide will help provide all the things you need to know about easy, hassle-free champagne delivery. 

Where to Buy Champagne Online?

Wines to Gift is your one-stop-shop for all your gifting needs. You can find a whole range of spirits—gins, whiskeys, wines and champagnes—to send to your friends and family. With a range of different brands and flavors, you will find a wine, beer, champagne or whisky to suit both your budget and your recipient’s taste buds.

This e-commerce store has emerged understanding the gifting needs. This is why they have a collection of premium drinks as well as champagne and wine gift baskets that are celebratory in nature. From wine and cheese gift baskets to champagne gift baskets, they have it all. 

How to Delivery Champagne?

Wines to Gift has made champagne delivery easier than ever before. If you need to send champagne, wine or whiskey to your loved ones anywhere in the world, now you can do so in the following simple steps. 

Whether you want to schedule a champagne delivery to Switzerland or UK, we have got you covered.

  1. Log on to
  2. Choose Your Destination (for example, Switzerland)
  3. Choose Your Delivery Date (for example, 10th of August)
  4. Choose Your Category (champagne, whisky, wine, wine gifts, etc.)
  5. Browse through the available options and choose your desired product
  6. Add to Cart
  7. Add Details (city, delivery address, etc.)
  8. Make the Payment
  9. Go Over the Details 
  10. Confirm!

Where All Can I Deliver Champagne?

Wines to Gift is the first ever platform that allows you to send champagne and other drinks to over 100 countries and cities. We offer 100% safe and guaranteed international delivery to help you celebrate your special occasions transcending geographical boundaries. 

 We offer:

  • Champagne Delivery UK
  • Wine Delivery USA
  • Wine and Champagne Delivery Switzerland
  • Champagne Delivery Italy
  • Beer Delivery Germany   

Click here to see what other countries we deliver to. 

Types of Champagnes Available for Delivery

What we love about champagne is the variety that it has to offer us. There are many different types of champagne that are suited to a specific occasion. Since champagne is heralded as the OG celebratory drink, there is no better gifting choice than this for a host of occasions. 

Rose Champagne 

The classy rose champagne is the perfect drink when you want to appease a lover. The sweet taste with fruity noted and the delicate pink color is in perfect harmony with romantic occasions like an anniversary, a partner’s birthday or Valentine’s Day.

 Blanc De Noirs 

With rich, complex flavors, this champagne is made for someone who has a true appreciation for the finer things in life. This red grape concoction is often rare and valued, so it is very well-suited for your corporate needs when you want to appease a boss, client or partner. 

Blanc de Blancs

This light and refreshing champagne should be your go-to choice as it is a safe type of champagne. Whether it’s a birthday, Father’s Day, or a promotion, you will never go wrong with this classic bottle.

How Do I Add a Personalized Message?

If you are looking to send a champagne delivery for a special occasion, you can personalize your gift. All you have to do is, add ‘gift message’ under recipient details. 

You can also find a range of personalized champagne gifts for your loved ones!

When Will the Gift Reach the Recipient?

Wines to Gift offers customers two options: 

  • Standard International Delivery
  • Same Day Delivery

Your parcel will reach your recipient at the allotted time you choose. You can track your order through our 24/7 customer support. 

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