A Helpful Guide To Choosing And Gifting Alcohol

Guide To Choosing And Gifting Alcohol

Gifting alcohol is a classy gesture indeed, be it a birthday, anniversary or housewarming party. And if chosen well, it will be appreciated and cherished by the recipient. Moreover, with so many beautifully packaged alcohol gift baskets available online nowadays, it is easy to place an order for your loved one even if they are miles away. However, a few things must be kept in mind before you decide to gift alcohol, so that the recipient doesn’t end up with something that he will want to pass onto someone else!

Try and understand what the recipient likes

While choosing a gift, it often happens that you end up sending something that you like. However, with alcohol, it is important to understand the kind of liquor the recipient prefers. So, if someone loves flavoured vodkas, it won’t make much sense to gift him or her wine from a special year or a scotch. Also, it is a thoughtful gesture to send a bottle that is new in the market and your friend or relative has been eyeing it for some time. Sending limited edition single malt to a whiskey lover or a unique flavoured gin to someone who swears by gin and tonic is a good move.

Keep the budget in mind

Remember that you needn’t shell out more than what you can afford for an alcohol gift. Also, what you gift at a dinner party can be less expensive than what you gift for a 25th anniversary. Plus, alcohol hampers that are available with online stores these days, come in all price ranges to suit your pocket. They look tasteful and can comprise of nibbles or snacking goodies too, along with the liquors. Compare prices on different sites too, before ordering.

Gift as per the occasion

If it is a loved one’s birthday, choose an alcohol that he or she mostly prefers, be it beer, rum or wine. An interesting blend can delight them for sure. For anniversaries and weddings, a vintage wine is usually most appreciated. If they are your favourite couple, you can go for a great year. At housewarming parties, a sparkling or sweet wine from a well-known brand can be chosen. Or you can gift a set of locally crafted beer too. Holidays demand a fortified wine like port, or whiskey or seasonal beers. And when it comes to corporate gifting, you can pick from a scotch, bourbon, cognac or port. These can be consumed for a long time to come.

Pick the right accessories

If only gifting a bottle of alcohol doesn’t seem enough, go for elegant accessories like glasses, bottle openers, whiskey stones or cocktail shakers. Decanter sets are also well-appreciated. Wine lovers might welcome a wine thermometer or those who are passionate about tequila will love a trendy set of shot glasses. Elegant wine stoppers and wine flasks are also lovely gifts. If you are heading to a pool party, a floating holder for drink glasses can be a thoughtful present.

Spare a thought for the packaging

It is best to buy a stylish gift bag for alcohol bottles, so that you can easily wrap it around and get the job done with sticky tape. Or, if you are creative, keep some beautiful wrapping paper, scissors, sticky tape and a bright ribbon handy. The most convenient thing to do is to order alcohol gift sets online which come packaged neatly and carefully. Often packed in wicker baskets, they are padded well enough to avoid breakage during transit, especially if you are sending the gift to someone who lives in a different city or country.

Gifting alcohol can be easy if you just keep the above rules in mind. And with online gift stores offering a variety of alcohol gift baskets, your task will only get easier. Just choose as per the occasion, your budget and the recipient’s taste, and you will be remembered for your classy gift for a long time.

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