Wine Gift Ideas to Send on Your Friend's Birthday

Birthday gift hampers

Birthdays and wine go hand in hand. After all, there is nothing more celebratory than opening a classic bottle of wine on your big day. If we have to say it in easy words, birthday celebrations are incomplete without some stunning vin.

If you happen to know a wine lover whose birthday is coming up, we have rounded up some do the best birthday delivery gifts anywhere in the world! The good news is, we have a selection of the finest wines and complements that will suit literally every taste bud out there.

From delicious wine gift hampers to stunning wine classics, you will have every wine lover’s fantasy fulfilled right here.

Wine and Chocolate Gift Hampers

What can be a better birthday wine gift than the age-old combination of wine and chocolate? We have combined the best of both worlds and bring you our best-seller Wine and Chocolate Gift Set that will satisfy any sweet tooth out there!

If you want to go a little fancier, we suggest you buy the Pink Party Chocolate Hamper that any of your girlfriends will enjoy! The gift hamper contains a stunning assortment of heart-shaped chocolates to go with a stunning bottle of wine.  Way to make their celebrations even sweeter!

Our third pick is this vibrant and well-constructed Chocolate Celebration Gourmet Chocolate Hamper, the perfect fit for a birthday occasion. Packaged to perfection with wine and delicious sweet treats, your friends will love this gift sent to them across international borders.

No matter how far away you are, make your friends feel special on their big day with this birthday wine basket delivery right to their doorstep.

Single Bottle of Wine

While wine gift baskets are exciting and unique, we cannot deny the elegance of receiving a single, fine-tasting bottle of wine. If you’re looking for the best picks for a friend, here is our selection of the best wines to gift that will heighten any birthday celebration!

We for one love the Brancot Sauvignon Blanc, a well-known white wine that is drinking quite nicely all around the world. This is a stunning, refreshing wine with high notes of sweet and ripe fruits. It would perfectly complement your friend’s birthday meal, so we’re rooting for this one!

If you want a birthday wine gift that looks fancy as well, look no further than the Chateau La Gordonne La Chapelle Gordonne. This wine boasts of a cacophony of flavors, sweet and acidic, cream yet firm, to create perfect harmony in your mouth. If you want to send a fancy wine for your friend’s birthday, go for this one!

Spa and Wine Gift Hampers

As we grow older, our ideal birthday celebration is popping open a bottle of wine right in the comfortable confines of your home. If you have such a friend, the spa and wine gift hamper would be a great, not to mention, unique, wine gift ideal for them.

We suggest you send your friend the Spa Luxuries Lavender Vanilla Spa and Wine that is available at a discounted price! This gift hamper contains all the goodies your friend needs to pamper themselves on their birthday with a delicious bottle of wine to go with it.

Wine Decanter 

If you’re looking for a birthday wine gift for a friend who loves their drink, why not give them a useful accessory that will make their drinking a tad easier? Add a stunning decanter to their wine glass collection, which will help them serve wine in a more tasteful manner.

For this, we have the Bohemia Quadro Crystal Decanter Set, which comprises of a stunning, contemporary wine glass decanter with an artistic, twisted glass stopper.

Gift Delivery 

With these amazing wine gift ideas for a birthday, you’ll always manage to pleasantly surprise your wine loving friends! offers easy and convenient online wine delivery as well as birthday wine basket delivery anywhere in the world, for any occasion. Just choose your location and delivery date, and book the perfect birthday wine gift for a friend.

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