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Things To Remember While Choosing A Wine Hamper For Corporate Gifting

Giving gifts to employees, partners and clients is a big part of the corporate festive celebrations. Gifts can range from small individual items like a pen to elegant wine hampers. When it comes to choosing the perfect corporate gifts, there are a number of things to be kept in mind. Your budget is of course the first amongst many factors. Other factors include the company’s policy and ethos, the client’s preferences, the occasion for gifting, etc. Wine hampers are great gifts for cherished clients and partners. Here are a few ideas and things to remember when choosing a wine hamper.

Wine hampers of Single bottles

For some people, a bottle of wine may be a sufficient gift while for others; you may want to present a full wine hamper. What’s important to remember is that quality takes precedence over quantity especially for valued clients. Start the hamper selection process by setting your budget. Once you have this figure in place, you can decide between a bottle and a hamper. Do not skimp in buying something cheap just to have a bigger gift. Your clients may prefer a single bottle of good wine rather than a basket full of cheap wines. If a single bottle does not look good enough, raise your budget and choose a small hamper of pint sized bottles of good wine.

Pair wines with food

Wine pairs excellently with dark and milk chocolates. It’s also a great way of putting together a hamper at a lower cost. Based on your budget, find hampers that hero a bottle of wine and pair it with chocolates. You can choose between slabs of chocolate, chocolate truffles and chocolate gift packs. Make sure the quality of chocolate you’re buying matches the quality of wine.

Like chocolates, wine also pairs excellently with cheese. In fact, cheese and wine is a classic combination in many European nations. Wine is often served with a platter of differently flavored cheeses, olives and fruits. Like wine, there are many different types of cheese. If you know the flavor profile the recipient of your gift enjoys, make sure the cheese in your hamper matches that flavor profile. It is also important to note that not all wines and cheeses pair equally well together. For this reason, unless you know your wines and cheese pairings well, it is better to get wine basket delivery from online specialists rather than put your own hamper together.

Personalize the hampers

Everyone who receives a corporate hamper knows that they are not the only ones receiving this gift. However, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to make them feel special and unique. Wine hampers can be customized in many different ways. The simplest way to do this is by adding a card to the hamper. If it can be handwritten and signed- there’s nothing like it. Alternatively, you can craft labels for the bottles with special notes of thanks. This makes your client feel that there’s a little extra thought gone into their gift and can lead to a stronger relationship.

Wine hampers are great gifts for almost all festive occasions. They can also be sent across to mark milestones in your business relationship. However, make sure they are presented in the right way. No one wants to receive a hamper with a broken bottle. Thus, the delivery and packaging needs as much attention as the contents of the hamper itself.
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