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Breathing New Life Into The World With Wine This Spring Season

Wine Gifts

Here’s your guide to find the perfect varietals of wine for this spring season and why it can be a perfect gift.

The sun is out, it’s still cold, but heavy sweaters and boots can finally return to the closets. It’s warm and sunny out, and the day looks bright. It’s spring!

Now’s the time to emerge from winter hibernation and breathe new life into the world with your favorite springtime wines. It’s the season for backyard and park picnics and the perfect time to pop open wine bottles on your porch!

Wines also make a perfect gift.

Wine is a great gift because there’s no pressure on the recipient to drink it now – left unopened, the wine can improve with age. Wine gifts work for almost any event. Wine and champagne gift baskets for housewarming, sparkling wine and chocolate gifts for your valentine, or wine champagne gift baskets for an anniversary party. Wines can cover it all!

Here are some reasons why you should gift a bottle of wine this spring:

  • Wine and champagne gifts provide a wide variety to choose from. You have many brands and varieties of red wines, white wines, sparkling wines, and rosé wines. There is plenty to pick from! You can make it more personal by pairing it with other things and making a gift basket. Like chocolate and sparkling wine gift set would be perfect for your valentine or an anniversary or an engagement ceremony.

  • It is an elegant gift which helps you have a good impression. If packed well with gift sets, it adds to the gift. It is a safe option as it is a very practical gift and it can’t go to waste. People can drink it at any time, and even if they do not want to drink it, they can gift it to somebody else.

  • There is a bottle of wine for every price range. Even if you do not have the option of giving expensive wine, you can always pair it with all sorts of treats like cheese or chocolate and make it a gift basket which would also make a very elegant and beautiful gift. Otherwise, wrapping the bottle in gift paper makes a special gift.

  • Wines can be paired differently for different occasions. It can cover the celebrations for little things and the big days.
  • For example, a spring night with friends craves a lovely Pinot Noir, for a picnic at a park, a bottle of Grüner Veltliner goes perfectly with springtime dishes, sparkling wine can help with spring cleaning! Spring power cleansing the house with a nice glass of sparkling will spark joy. Orange wine would be perfect for watching sunsets with your loved ones.

    Springtime Serving Tips

    In the spring season, the weather starts to heat. Temperatures are an important aspect of serving wines.

    It would help if you drank your whites and roses after they had been removed from the fridge for approximately 15 minutes. It will enhance the flavor and add crispiness. For red wine, it should be kept in the fridge for approximately 30 mins before serving to enhance the floral flavors.

    Please don’t put it in the refrigerator for a long time. Any over-chilled wine will lose its delicate tasting notes.

    Here are a few more tips for picking the best white and red wines for this season:

  • White Wines
  • There’s acidity in white wines, enhancing their refreshing and crisp qualities. It makes white wine go perfectly in the warm weather. When the weather is warmer, you should go for dry whites, light to medium-bodied. Wines such as sauvignon blanc, albariño, or pinot gris have a light and fresh taste, which would go perfectly with springy foods. These lighter whites should be consumed young as they have the most freshness and fruitiness.

  • Red Wines
  • A red wine can also be perfect for soaking spring days. This season, medium to lighter-bodied red wines are a good pair as they have higher acidity and lower tannin. Light reds can be served chilled to bring out the floral tones. Wines such as grenache, pinot noir, or tempranillo are excellent for enjoying the heat in the spring season.


    Rather than always going to our same old favorites, take the opportunity this spring by changing the wine you drink to experience a wider range of varieties and pairings. As the weather starts to warm, our taste buds crave fresh and clean wines, wines that are light and simple. Popping open a bottle is always going to bring joy and celebration! Buy wine bottles for yourself or gift a bottle of wine on occasion.

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