10 Beer Gifts For Men


Finding the right beer gift for a man is not an easy task always. While it is easy to avail online beer delivery services to send your buddy a pack of his favourite beer, it needs a little more thought if you want something special. A great beer gift can certainly add cheer to your friend’s or relation’s life, and cement your bond. So, take a look at this list of cool and innovative beer gifts that can make a man’s day extra special and help him relax and take the edge off. These will especially come in handy when summer sets in and the person you want to send the gift to, starts looking for funky beer products.

Bottle opener hat–It often happens that a man loses or can’t find something exactly when they need it the most. A bottle opener is a case in point. So how about gifting a flat-brimmed hat studded with a metal opener to your pal? The gift could be especially worthwhile if your friend has had a hard time in the past, while trying to open beer bottles with his teeth.

Portable beer dispensing system -There are men who feel satisfied only when the beer is poured fresh from the tap. So, a portable beer dispensing system could be a great way to give someone a real beer drinking experience.

Beer tasting set – A 13 piece beer tasting set comes with a beer tasting guide, six beer glasses and six cork-backed coasters. The guide could come in particularly handy for rookie drinkers as it offers crucial suggestions for food pairing and beer serving temperatures. 

2 door fridge and freezer – Though it is easy to find a beer freezer to keep the beer chilled, we would suggest you to go for a 2 door fridge with a freezer. Not only is it cheaper than beer freezer, it also offers sufficient space for snacks and frozen fruits and meals. This is especially useful when you are hosting a house party or an outdoor luncheon and need both beer and food.

Beer Chart– An interactive infographic chart depicting 99 bucket-list beer bottles could be a great way to mark one’s beer drinking journey. Beer nerds may scratch off the bottle depicted on the chart and keep track of their drinking journey.

Bottle cap catcher art – A shadowbox for collecting beer caps is another great way of tracing one’s beer drinking journey. The idea not only helps to keep the living space clean, but also serves as a cumulative memorabilia for tipplers.

A cool tee- A cool tee with cheerful and inoffensive messages like “Life is Brewtiful” could be a trendy gift for your beer loving friend. It can be paired with denims or shorts when your friend is out for a casual gathering or catching up with others at a pub.

Coaster Set – How about a marble coaster set for your beer loving friend? Apart from its impressive design, the set also keeps your beer insulated against hot dishes. And they prevent water marks on wooden surfaces as well.

Grain bars – How about the idea of having to “eat” beer while saving the planet? Grain bar could be a perfect gift for your beer loving, tree hugging friend. These sustainable snacks are made of spent grain that is discarded after brewing beer, and come in interesting flavours.

Beer Making kit – A beer making kit could be a perfect treat for fermentation enthusiasts. The kit usually comes in a small batch size of one gallon, and one may try numerous recipes for a perfect celebration.

If you are still finding it hard to settle down for a perfect gift, then you can simply choose from many beer gift baskets that are offered by online stores. You can pair some good branded beer with chocolates and nuts and include a special friendly message to impress the recipient.

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