Best Gifts for Alcohol Lovers

Alcohol or Wines

Chugging down chilled beer or sipping on a fine wine after a hard day at work is a favourite way to relax for many. And if you have friends who absolutely swear by alcohol, getting them a gift they will love can be easy now. After all, if you go online, you can get your hands on a variety of alcohol gift baskets as well as funky accessories to make the recipient truly happy. These are packaged beautifully too and can make a lasting impression on anniversaries or birthdays. Are you still wondering what exactly to pick as a gift or maybe you are spoilt for choice? Take a look at these cool gift ideas and choose one as per the recipient’s taste and your budget.

Gift baskets – Attractive and readymade gift baskets are available online these days for alcohol lovers. You can pick from whiskey samplers, or collections of bourbon, vodka or tequila. This way, your friend will be able to enjoy different kinds and brands of liquor as and when they please. You can also send wine and cheese baskets or those that come with gourmet chocolates or nuts and crackers. These look sophisticated and can make for an enjoyable snacking session. If you are ready to splurge or if it an important occasion, you can go for a champagne gift basket.

Beer brewing kits – If you are looking for beer gift baskets, it is time to think out of the box. Does the recipient love making his or her own beer? Then why not gift a comprehensive beer brewing kit that has it all to make a batch of beer from start to finish. You can find easy starter kits for those who have never made beer at home before, but have always wanted to.

Wine pearls and whiskey stones – Keeping a drink cool is sometimes a challenging affair, especially when one wants to enjoy it in a relaxed manner. So, consider gifting wine pearls made of stainless steel if your friend loves wines. These can be frozen and added to the wine to keep it chilled without diluting it. Similarly, whiskey stones are perfect for keeping a glass of whiskey chilled without adding ice cubes and diluting the drink.

Beer bottle and can cooler – You will come across stylish and smart coolers made of stainless steel that can keep beer chilled for hours at a time. These often feature an inbuilt bottle opener too. Gift one of these to a loved one if they are passionate about carrying beers to picnics or outdoor lunches.

Wine carrier – You can choose from insulated wine bags with straps for portability if the recipient enjoys wines while travelling or camping. These are cushioned enough to prevent clashes and shakes. They come with easy zippers usually and are simple to maintain. Or, you can pick up a metal wine carrier as well for a vintage feel. Such carriers can be useful at picnics or barbecues.

Trendy shaker – Does the recipient have a soft spot for vodka cocktails? Gift him a classy shaker that can be used to mix different drinks, juices and prepare snazzy cocktails in a jiffy. You can also decide to pair this gift with a couple of stylish glasses.

Whiskey decanters – Elegant crystal decanters are available for whiskey online now and they are completely worth your money. Your friend will love it too when you give a gift as classy as this. They can be personalised often, to lend a special touch. Or, you can gift a stylish flask that the recipient can carry around while travelling.

Tequila shooter set – For those who love taking life with a pinch of salt and a dash of lime, a tequila shooter set is a great gift. It comes with a tray for lime wedges and salt and the associated frame is designed to hold the shot glasses too.

Now, you probably have a fair idea of what to get your alcohol-loving friend on his or her birthday or anniversary! Keep this list handy when you shop online.

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