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Finding the perfect gift this holiday season for your friends and family can be a huge challenge. If you gift clothes they might not fit, your most prized artwork might not be of their taste, a good old book might be thoughtful - but it doesn't bring up that Christmas vibe. So what is the best Christmas gift idea?

Before you settle for a candle or a boring gift card, might we suggest a guaranteed crowd-pleaser that does not need any tailoring! Nothing beats a bottle of liquor to spend quality time with your loved ones this holiday season, with tons of laughter and fun! If you're having a hard time narrowing down the perfect liquor gift ideas, then check out this list of the six best gift wines and spirits.

6 Wines And Spirits For Gifts

  1. Gift Liqueur: Bacardi St Germain Makes Your Cocktail

    Shake up this holiday season with this luxurious cocktail set that includes St Germain Elderflower Liqueur, a cocktail shaker, a jigger, and a colourful selection of citrus fruits. The St Germain is a timeless liquid created in the artisanal French manner from handpicked fresh Elderflower blossoms. This mixable and versatile liquor beautifully pairs with any spirit to create luxurious and elegant cocktails. It has a captivating and subtle taste of peach, pure and weak fruit acting as your senses. This set comes packed in a luxurious black box, making it a gift worth a masterpiece.

  2. Gift Wine: Bergerac Organic Red Wine L'Abbaye

    What better gift for your wine-loving friend than this luxurious Organic Red Wine L'Abbaye by Bergerac? This bottle is 15 out of 20 in the green guide of the Revue des Vins de France in the year 2015. This organic red wine has a silky mouthfeel with vibrant and long tannins. Be it chilling by the fireplace or popping it up for a dinner date, this bottle of wine is absolute bliss!

  3. Gift Beer Hamper: Belgian Gourmet With Belgian Beer

    Up your liquor gifting game like none other with this bundle of sweets and savouries along with a sassy Belgian Beer! This bundle provides you with the best test of Belgium, from a ballotin of assorted luxury milk, dark and white chocolate pralines, a scrumptious pair of irresistible Corne Port-Royal truffles, a chewy nougat bar and much more. On the savoury side, you get a good old Belgian beer plate along with candied onions & raspberry, which is sure to hit the spot! The fruity Belgian beer has well-balanced bitterness and a pleasing note of citrus.

  4. Gift Liquor Bundle: Belgian Beer And Wine Trio

    Surprise your special someone with this popping trio of Belgian wine and beer. It features a Belgian beer, an old recipe from the 1800s ripened in oak barrels for an intense, complex yet delicate taste. The fruity beer is unfiltered and goes along with high fermentation. It is fermented inside the bottle for a hint of citrus and floral taste, along with spices and bitterness. The trio is finished off with a dazzling, sparkling wine Entre Deux Monts, Which means between two mountains in French. This denotes the vineyard - located between the two hills in the Belgian countryside - from where the ingredients like elderflower, kernel grapes and apples are picked to create this fruity and soft sparkling wine.

  5. Gift Gin Bundle: Belgian Appetiser With Beer And Flor Herbal Gin

    This gourmet gift hamper basket is 100% delicious and 100% Belgian. It contains ham selected delicacies from the West Flanders region of Belgium, including a Flor Herbal GIN and Belgian beer. The petitioner gym is made from carefully selected hops, thus has a good balance, is soft and has a distinct hop flavour. The De Poes Beer is a fruity unfiltered beer that is refermented in the bottle thus has a well-balanced hint of spices, bitterness, and notes of citrus and flowers with a touch of hops! It also contains a bounty of Belgian treats like artisanal soft cheese with poppy seeds, artisanal rhubarb jam, biscuits and much more.

  6. Gift Champagne: Bollinger Rose 75 CL In Burgundy Presentation

    Nothing screams luxury than this bottle of Bollinger Rose 75cl Champagne, along with hand made Royal Scot Crystal cut flutes wrapped up in an elegant burgundy box with satin. The Bolinger rose is made with red grapes from the Grand Cru vineyards, which blend in to give the champagne delicate layers of deliciously complex flavours. You get the aromas of cherries and wild strawberries that waltz on your palette to create a satisfying depth and structure.


Wines and liquor are tailor-free and crowd pleasing gifts this holiday season. Nothing beats popping a bottle and having quality time with your friends and loved ones.

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Wishing you a Merry Christmas 2021 and a joyful New Year

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