Malbec Wine- Know it all: A Complete Wine Guide

Wine Gifts

“Wine is what you call magic in a glass.”

Meet Malbec wine, the perfect red wine that matches class and delight. This Argentinian heaven in a glass is made from the purple Malbec grape that is almost exclusively produced in Argentina. A perfect gift for many occasions, A Malbec Wine Gift Basket is the correct blend of many flavours that shall devour every human soul.  

Where did Malbec Wine come from?

Malbec wine reached the markets of Argentina in the 1990s. Originally from France, the Malbec wine was popularized in the wine markets by Argentina when they found out that Argentina had the perfect climate to grow the Malbec grapes. So, a Malbec gift basket is not any ordinary gift basket, it’s a basket that holds the history of red wine. Malbec Wine- a fine wine and an even finer wine to gift.

How is the Malbec Wine Made?

When the grapes are up for it, they are harvested manually early in the morning. After a well-supervised quality check, they are then transported to the winery where the best is selected and undergo a cold maceration which prepares them for fermentation in a special tube. After two weeks the solids and liquid are separated. Then the separated seeds and skin are carefully squeezed without mangling the seeds. When that’s complete, the polishing begins in which the Malbec Wine spends some time in oak barrels becoming the best wine you can gift your loved one.

Malbec Wine Gift Basket; The one for Everyone:

A gift is always more than a gesture. It’s a symbol of affection. And the perfect gift shall always tell a story. A perfect gift is made up of thought and care. And a Malbec wine as a gift is the right choice. With an inky dark shade of passion and a unique taste of grape that feels like the union of many berries, cherry and more. A Malbec wine brings the richness of plum, spices, black cherry and blueberries into the glass and gives a well experience of bliss. 

The Taste of Malbec Wine:

The Malbec wine is not just made in Argentina, it's found in many parts of the world. The taste of the Malbec wine also differs from country to country. The Malbec wine from Argentina forms an exquisite taste combining the complexities of cocoa powder, leather, tobacco fish and violet flower. It's more of a joyful fruity taste which is ideal for a wine gift basket. And if you are looking for a wine with a more delicate yet intense taste, Malbec Wine from France covers it. It has a well-nuanced taste of tart currant and black plum. The leathery feel of it adds to the bitterness that soothes the soul that you will only find in a bottle of wine.

Malbec Wine; The Experience:

Wine has always carried a certain amount of sophistication and that is why drinking wine is never a mundane experience but rather a finespun adventure. Pairing Malbec wine is an easy affair but still one should keep in mind certain points. Malbec with its strong taste can easily go with strong and sumptuous food like fleshy fish, lamb, pork, dark poultry meat and steak. 

Sauces are also a great friend with Malbec Wine, let it be any of them. Veggies like beet, potatoes, onion, chard and mushrooms are also a great call to accompany your wine gift basket. One can also try spices and herbs like rosemary, vanilla, garlic, juniper berry, mint and sage. Last but not the least, thebest pairing with wine is of course the perfect cheese. You can always marry your Malbec wine with goat cheese, gouda, stilton, gorgonzola, blue cheese and manchego.

Just like the food, the temperature at which you serve your wine also matters heavily. It’s advised that Malbec Wine be served at 60-65 Fahrenheit. It brings out the balanced flavour of the wine. So the place of storage of Malbec Wine also matters, if it’s stored in a warm kitchen then refrigerate it for a few minutes before serving as that shall provide the right balance for a perfect drink.

An evening under the moon, with a glass of Malbec wine thus becomes the answer to your long search for a gift for a loved one or even for yourself. After all, don’t we all deserve a bit of pampering every now and then? Order online at Wines to Gift to avail the best quality Malbec Wine to pair a wonderful time.