Tips to Store Wines Correctly

Store Wines

So, you like sipping on fine wines every now and then while relaxing? Or, maybe you like impressing guests with a bottle of vintage wine at a special dinner party? No matter how deep your association with wines is, storing them right is the key to enjoying them well. So, before you buy your favourite labels from an online wine store, you need to keep the following points in mind. After all, a properly stored wine tastes and smells amazing and can tickle your palate with many complex notes. So, let’s get started:

Darkness is your friend – All wines should be stored in the dark ideally, away from sunlight or even fluorescent lights. UV rays can lend a distasteful smell to the wine. Even if you choose wines in dark bottles, excess exposure to UV rays can ruin it. If you don’t have a wine cellar or a modern wine cooler, wrap the bottles with cloth or stash them away in a box, to prevent exposure to light. Only occasional exposure to incandescent lamps is allowed.

Maintain the temperature – After buying wine online, make sure you store it at the right temperature. For any wine that you want to age for more than 1 year, refrigeration is required. Also ensure that the place where you store the wines has a constant temperature as changes in temperature can lead to premature aging. The temperature should not change by more than 1.6?C in a day and 2.7?C in a year. Moreover, the temperature should not go above 24?C since wine will begin to oxidise then. Ideally, a temperature of about 12.2?C should be maintained.

Positioning of corked wine bottles – Corked wine bottles shouldn’t be stored in an upright position as the cork can dry out over time. This can allow the outside air to come in contact with the wine and ruin it. So, make sure you place corked wine bottles on their sides, with the label visible. This can not only help you quickly pick the wine you have in mind when guests come over, but you will also be able to detect sediments that might have formed.

Humidity and isolation – A humidity level of about 70% is perfect as it will prevent evaporation, but excess humidity can lead to growth of mould. The wine should not be stored with strong smelling items like garlic for example, as it can ruin the flavours and aromas.

Avoid moving the wine– The wine bottles should be stored in a place which experiences minimal or zero vibrations, which can be from generators or traffic. Also make sure that you don’t move a bottle at all after it is stored.

Age it right – Not all wines need the same amount of aging. Red wines can be matured for 2 to 10 years usually, while white wines should not be aged for more than 2 or 3 years. However, the aging required will depend on the acidity, sugar level and tannins in the wine.

Storage after opening – White wine should be stored in a closet or wine cellar after it is opened. Also minimise its exposure to air, light and heat, and tightly cork the bottle. White wine can be stored in fridge too, but it will stay good for only about 3 to 5 days this way. Red wine on the other hand can be put away in a dark place and the bottle should be corked.

So, before you order wine online, ensure that you have a place with all the necessary conditions to store the liquor properly. This way, you can enjoy it the most and also entertain guests when the time is ripe.

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