How To Buy Wine Online

How to Buy Wine Online

Though online wine sales are certainly growing at a strong rate, they represent a small fraction of the overall wine sales. There are numerous websites that sells and ships a wide range of wines from across the world. Here we have compiled some points that one might consider while ordering wine online:

  • Understand the shipping policies and laws that apply to your region
  • Some states do not allow wine delivery as each state has its own system of alcohol regulations. As of now, some states forbid wineries or stores based outside of the region of the state to ship to customers directly.
  • In case you qualify for wine home delivery because of beneficial laws or in-state wineries, there are still a few things that you need to consider. You must be of lawful age to order wine online (offline as well, but that depends on your and the store owners regard for lawfulness). So if you are 21 years old (or know someone who is), you'll need a signature to accept the parcel.
  • Another case in point to consider is that a hot day can completely ruin your sophisticated bottle of wine. There is a reason why many wine clubs choose not to ship during the summer season.
  • Considering its winter, you are of legal age to buy wine, and your address qualifies for wine delivery, you need a solid online retailer to send you that fine bottle of your preferred wine. Some online wine retailers won't keep a stock of the wine they aim to sell. What they do is wait for the orders to come in order for them to get the required bottle from the wine fulfilment houses, which inevitably leads to time snags and delays. What's even worse is that you might find your wine is out of stock at the online wine retailer.

Going with a reputed website known for timely deliveries and great online repute will solve most of the listed problems with online wine delivery. Here we have mentioned a couple of such sites:

When it comes to best online wine retailers, is undoubtedly a cut above the rest. Apart from providing a plethora of wines at your disposal with a huge portal of searchable options like specific varieties, new arrivals, top rated, great deals, price range and most importantly, region, you can also manage your search in regards to screw caps and eco-friendly options along with the latest wine trends. also has its own fulfilment centres to ensure availability and timely delivery.

KL Wines

KL Wines has a plethora of awards to its name and has been recommended by Eddie Osterland as one of the best options when it comes to buying wine online. Search features on this online wine store include country, variety, region and even sub-region. You can search for red or white wines based on your tastes and preferences. If you are a newbie to wine, then you can go with the best sellers list that will ensure that you have a great early experience with wine. One drawback is that they do not consider climate problems which might affect your delivery.


Roman',serif;">Amazon has a specialised wine department now. Kudos to anyone who might have thought that it can't grow any further. Amazon has emerged as one of the best online wine stores as of today. As with its other products pages, the wine department comes with an extensive list of search options like country of origin, style, price, reviews, vintage, varietal, brand and size. When you think it could not possibly include any more options it gives you a pleasant surprise by allowing you to choose your shipping state which takes care of most state shipping laws. However, wines do not qualify for free shipping for Amazon prime users, although one cent shipping is still an option.

Now considering these points and buying options, we can expect online sales of wine to increase in future times. Though it would be too early to comment on the expected quality of wine, given the limitations considered here.

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