Top Gifting Ideas For Those Who Drink Whiskey

Top Gifting Ideas For Those Who Drink Whiskey

Unless you love whiskey yourself, buying a gift for a whiskey aficionado can be confusing. You can always buy them a bottle of whiskey or single malt but there is no guarantee that they do not already have the same bottle in their bar. Thankfully, there are a number of other options you can consider. Here are a few ideas to help you get a gift for a whiskey lover.


The next time you are looking for whiskey gifts, go old school. A decanter is the ultimate accessory to elevate the presentation of a personal bar. You can choose from glass, cut glass and crystal decanters. This gift will make the recipient think of you every time he pours himself a drink.

Whiskey Stones

Does the man you are looking for a gift for enjoy a drink ‘on the rocks’? Here is a gift that takes that quite literally. Whiskey stones are specially crafted stones that can be chilled and added to a drink to keep it cool. Unlike ice, these stones do not water-down the whiskey and thus keep the flavour intact.

Ice Moulds

Some people do not mind their whiskey with water. Some people like pouring a shot of whiskey over ice and savouring the taste as it dilutes slowly. In such cases, ice moulds are a better gift that whiskey stones. Today, ice moulds are no longer limited to rectangular cubes. Instead, you could look at spherical ice moulds or other interesting shapes.

Hip Flask

When it comes to whiskey gifts for men, a hip flask is a popular choice. This travel friendly gift lets the recipient take the bar with him everywhere he goes. This way, getting a drink is never too difficult. Hip flasks are available in many different finishes. Most are made of metal. They may be polished or may be clad with leather. You can also get hip flasks customized. For example, if this is a birthday gift, you could get the recipient’s name and birthday engraved on the flask.

Barrel Cufflinks

A man who appreciates good whiskey will pay attention to his appearance and value the finer aspects of fashion. Thus, you cannot go wrong with a pair of cufflinks as a gift. To make your gift stand out, pick cufflinks that relate to the person’s love of whiskey. You could choose from many cufflink designs inspired by whiskey barrels. Alternatively, how about a pair of cufflinks made from the wood of an actual barrel?

Cocktail Bitters

Whiskey is used to make a number of cocktails. From a Manhattan to a whiskey sour, there are many ways to experiment with whiskey. If the recipient is someone who enjoys making whiskey cocktails, you could look at whiskey presents like a set of cocktail bitters. Cocktail bitters are available in many flavours ranging from lemon and orange to smoked chilli and citrus blends.

Books on Whiskey

Does the man like to sip whiskey while reading a good book? Bring his two passions together by gifting him a book on whiskey. You can choose from a number of available options. Some books talk about the history of whiskey while others define the different flavour profiles of a good whiskey. You can even find books on whiskey cocktails and ways to make your own whiskey. If the person likes travelling too, you could even gift him a book on the different types of whiskeys available around the globe.

While buying a bottle of a well-aged whiskey is always a good idea, you can always find other ways to celebrate their favourite spirit. Keep in my mind the preferences of your friend to make sure you get them a memorable gift.

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