Top Gift Ideas For Rum Lovers On Christmas

Top Gift Ideas For Rum Lovers On Christmas

The taste and flavour of rum truly brings back a lot of fond memories, especially memories of spending fun-filled time with friends and family. So, naturally, when it comes to an occasion like Christmas, you cannot leave aside rum. Now, the various gift delivery service-providers have come up with new ideas about alcohol gift sets for Christmas.When you are planning to gift such a set to someone who is completely in love with the taste and texture of rum and always prefers this alcohol over any other, you must go for a rum gift set. The good news is that such a set does not necessarily have to include the rum bottles but can actually include an assortment of so many stuffs. Let’s explore some of the top gift ideas for rum lovers on Christmas.

A combination set of rum and chocolates

It is a known and universally accepted fact that rum and chocolates taste great together. In fact, rum lovers often prefer to savour their favourite alcohol only with a bite of the chocolates and no other accompaniment as such. The combination of rum and chocolates and the magic it creates is similar to the wine and cheese combo. So, while sending a gift set, make sure that you pick not only the preferred brand of rum of the person you are gifting to but also incorporate carefully chosen chocolates. Since your rum lover gift recipient is expectedly a connoisseur of rum too, focus a bit more on which chocolates would go best with the rums.

Rum, raisins and dry fruits gift box

The basic idea of a gift box is to pack a number of items into a single box. So, to enrich this box and add variety to it, you can go for a combo of rum and dry fruits. Dry fruits especially raisins serve as excellent accompaniments to the different brands of rums. The somewhat sweet taste of the alcohol merges well with the bitterness of the dry fruits to leave you with a taste that you can cherish for long.

Personalized rum glasses

If you think that the rum and chocolates or the rum and dry fruits combinations are too conventional or perhaps, if you want to add something more to the gift set, a personalized rum glass would be an excellent gift. You can add your own quote or have something like, ‘keep calm and drink rum’ written on the glass. Remember that the personalized glass should be large enough to let your friend drink a bit more than usual because after all, what can be more celebratory than Christmas.

Rum club subscriptions

Want to take your rum lover friend by surprise in the true sense? Well, then do not stop at the rum and food combos alone. Arranging for a rum club subscription can get easy with a bit of extra search. Such a subscription would let the recipient receive his/her favourite bottle or brand of rum for a few consecutive months or weeks. That would indeed be a great way to continue with the celebrations even after Christmas is over.

Like the ones mentioned above, there are several other unique gift options too, for you to check out and choose accordingly. With any of them, you can be assured of bringing a smile to your rum lover’s face this Christmas.

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