Gift Wine Hampers For Loved Ones On These Occasions

Gift Wine Hampers For Loved Ones On These Occasions

Getting your loved ones a delicious bottle of wine is a great gifting idea. However, it is a gift that requires extensive research. You need to consider a number of factors in order to pick the perfect wine for your loved one. The good news is that today, you have several wine and chocolates delivery options to help you choose the ideal gift hamper. So before you begin looking for gift hampers it is important to understand the basic categories in which these hampers are available. Here are few options that you can consider gifting.

Wine and Chocolates Hampers

When we talk about wine gift hampers, we refer to a box of assorted items and not just the wine bottles. One of the most popular combinations is that of wine and chocolates. If you are looking for a gift for someone you share an informal relationship with, then a wine and chocolates combination is the perfect choice. Choose the wine and chocolates carefully keeping in mind that the flavour profile of each should be in contrast with the other.

Wine and Cheese

Wine and cheese is a time-tested combination if you are looking for a bit of luxury. Pair gourmet cheeses with a full-bodied wine for a sophisticated gift hamper. A wine connoisseur will love this pairing and appreciate the effort that goes into creating such a hamper. An elegantly wrapped hamper with sharp cheeses and a beautiful red wine will definitely make your loved one happy.

Tips on Choosing the Best Wine Hampers for Different Occasions

While you might concentrate on creating the perfect food pairing when selecting wines, it is important to take into account the occasion on which you are gifting wine. The occasion will determine the taste and the flavour of the wine you choose. Champagne or sparkling wine, for instance, is perfectly suitable for any special occasions that call for a celebration. Similarly, a bottle of red wine is incomparable in its appeal as a gift if you are trying to woo the love of your life. With romance in the air, a dessert wine will make everything much sweeter.

Once you have narrowed down the type of wine you want to buy, it’s time to think about the relationship you share with the prospective recipient of your gift. In a formal relationship, try not to experiment with unconventional labels and unrecognisable brands. Look for something that is popular and appeals to most palates. Opt for something that would be appreciated by your boss or colleague. On the other hand, you have the chance to know about the specific choices and preferences of the person if you share an informal relationship with them. Since, a wine hamper is a bit expensive as well as a treasured gift; it is advisable to go for flavour profiles or even specific wines that you know your friend or loved one already likes.

Last but not the least; presentation matters. When you gift a wine bottle, it can simply be wrapped in coloured paper or put in a wine bag. However, when it comes to a hamper, the presentation has to be gorgeous and appropriate for the occasion, be it anniversary, birthday or Christmas party. You can place an order for a wine hamper with any of the online delivery platforms that deliver in your area. Be sure to opt for a reputed company that will pay special attention to the décor part so that the gift hamper is a visual delight.

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