Best Gift Ideas For Your Uncle Who Loves Wines

Best Gift Ideas For Your Uncle Who Loves Wines

It is true that true wine aficionados are quite to impress. Since they already have developed a taste for their drinks and are well aware of different varieties it is hard to please them. If your uncle is one such wine lover, we give you some brilliant ideas by following which you can never go wrong to fulfil his expectation.

Handlebar moustache corkscrew and bottle opener

This is a very unique and funny gift for any wine fanatic. The corkscrew and bottle opener comes with the design of a handlebar moustache. It is a well crafted with aluminium with a stainless steel cork screw. The product is high gloss too. A corkscrew and bottle opener can be paired with a wine and chocolate gift set for your beloved uncle.

Wine holder

Among varied kinds of wine bottle holders, the nickel-plated iron chain holder is a classy and fantastic gift for all wine lovers and fan of heavy metals. Magic forces collude with this metal chain create a brilliant illusion as if the bottle is floating in air. The product comes into one of the most eye-catching vino accessories ever made.

Wine rack

Wine racks can be different styles and shapes. Inspired by the flow of the liquid, the S-shaped wine racks have been manufactured that are made of both stainless steel and wood. Flow wine racks are usually wall mounted and maximum eight bottles can be stored into it. The racks can be placed on your kitchen wall or in the mini bar counter if you happen to have one in your home. You can play with your imagination as well while getting it crafted by a good craftsman.

Wine thermometer

This is a very useful accessory to make sure you enjoy the wine at its best taste. The wine thermometer is a wrist watch like band that can be attached to any wine bottle to get the temperature readings. The product can withstand being dropped. You can easily keep it in your kitchen drawer or elsewhere. A wine thermometer can be easily ordered through online gift stores where you get varieties of chocolates, cookies and wine and cheese gift baskets among other such items.

Weird wine carafes

Strange wine carafes have become a trend among wine lovers. The shapes and sizes of these carafes do not follow any stereotyped ideas, rather they can mesmerise you with their unique features. Vintage product selling shops or stores that sell expensive gift items are ideal places to hunt for these. A unique wine carafe can be of the shape of a tree root or a flower bouquet or a specific geometric shape.

Finger food plates

We all know that delightful finger food compliments wine. It not only enhances the taste of your drink but also optimizes the overall experience. Many wine lovers struggle to pick their finger food and hold it while already holding a wine glass. Balancing both the food and the drink can be a difficult task in a party. Little finger food plates that can be slide into your finger just like a ring remove this hassle. The product, made of sea shells and steel among others, has a tiny and flat plate on the top, while a ring is attached beneath the plate so that you can wear it in any of your finger you are comfortable. You can keep a piece of cheese, taco, chocolate among other such little food items on the plate while sipping from your wine glass. A pack of six of such finger food plates is available in the small box.

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