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How To Choose A Gift Hamper For A Friend Who Is New To Wine

How to choose a gift hamper for a friend who is new to wine

Intro: We all want to introduce our loved ones to the exquisite and unique taste of wine. However, the world of wine can be daunting to somebody who is a new entrant to this culture. With thousands of choices available in the market, one might feel clueless about choosing the right bottle for a friend who would savour it for the first time. This article will guide you about some common and popular wines that you can comfortably choose for your friend who is new to the world of wine tasting.

Go for the sweet wines:

Almost all beginners find the sweet wines delectable and therefore, it is convenient to gift them a bottle of sweet wine to start off with. There is no reason to think that the sweet wines are easily available and thus common trait items. Some of the most expensive and highly regarded wines in the world are sweet. You can opt for higher alcohol content if you know your friend well and send it across through a wine and cheese basket delivery package.

Read the label well:

Clever names, eye-catching illustrations, gorgeous packaging can sometime sway a person from the real focus, which is taste and texture of a wine. Therefore, while buying the best wine for your rookie friend read the label carefully. This will help you figure out what you are looking for and what you don’t want in your wine. The label gives you a fair idea about the product’s origin, ingredients among other such things. The more the information, the easier it is for you to decide the best bottle for your friend.

Don’t let the price tag decide your pick:

There is a common myth that wines that are on sale are of inferior quality or cheap. Well, the truth is, a particular wine is on sale because may be it is not the season for that kind or the bottle is sitting at the counter for a while in absence of its right admirers. You may find the right wine for your friend from the sale’s section where you can also find wine and chocolate gift baskets.

Age is just a number:

Well, it’s true not only for the wine drinkers, but for the wines too. The prevalent concept is the more the age, the tastier the wine will be. But, the truth is most wines are not meant to be aged. Only some wines taste better with age, while the rest taste brilliant as they are manufactured. While choosing the right bottle, don’t give too much emphasis on the product’s age.

Keep track of the old; try the new once in a while:

If your friend already has tasted a few brands, it is safe to stick to the kinds of wines similar to that category. However, you can encourage them to follow some new bottles once in a while. There are several helpful wine apps from which you can take ideas. This will enhance your knowledge about wines.

Screw caps bottles are good too:

Wine bottles with screw caps have earned a bad reputation among some wine fanatics. These caps are generally used in bottles that should be consumed in the same year because of their acidity, tannin and freshness. If you are going on a hike with your friend or arranging a picnic with the wine beginners, these screw cap bottles can be a great option.


Wines are unique. Therefore, what works for one person, may not work for another. So try different wines and keep your options open for various occasions.

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